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Stunning comeback by ex-EY Switzerland boss Marcel Stalder

Marcel Stalder assumes beginning of November 2019 a new CEO posts, was experienced finews.ch . The former head of the consulting and auditing firm EY in Switzerland had returned a case of sexual harassment to a corporate man in the company.

The Swiss corporate chain IQ had Marcel Stalder CEO appointed. He joined his first set of November 2019 and resolved this Urs Dogwiler which the companies will lose at the end of October 2019. A company spokesman confirmed the information of finews.ch .

Stalder started his professional career in the 1990s as a commercial apprentice at the Swiss Grossbank UBS and later changed to the consulting and auditing company, 23 years old, lastly as Market Leader Germany, Switzerland, Austria.

Grosses Aufsehen

His second title as the country's head of Switzerland, he gave up this year, yet it became known that a Swiss member of the cadre was a younger Mitarbeiterin hated and harassed by SMS. The case and their work in the media had provided major oversight in the media at the headquarters of EY in New York and led to the release of the Mitarbeiters in late 201

8, which also reported finews.ch .

Marcel Stalder said a highly motivated, charismatic and goal oriented leadership personality with a very analytical, structured approach and strong perseverance, was further experienced by Chain IQ. His appointment said the result was a long-term, strategic planning of the Board of Directors. agreed targets for both sides came at the right time, to enter the next phase with Chain IQ – with Stalder, who is now saying.

In the Dogwilers' office, according to reports, the strategic transformation of the global organizational structure as well as the diversification the company's shopping services. Created in Chain IQ 2014 on the initiative of the Swiss Businesses Claudio Cisullo from a spin-off (split) of the Swiss Grossbank UBS.

Purchase volume in two billion highs

in over 20 countries, it serves more than 50 wholesale customers, including UBS, Credit Suisse or some of the liftbuilders Schindler, and generates a total purchase volume of around 36 billion francs.

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