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Stock market crash 1929: Can you repeat "Black Friday"?

The stock market crash of 1929 abruptly ended the economic boom of the Golden Twenties in the past century. At the financial stage the following economic breakthrough ended as "Great Depression" in the history books and is still considered today as the heaviest and longest World Economic Crisis of the New Age.

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the black thursday on october 24 remains as one of the darkest chapter of financial history in memory (in europe due to the time difference also called black friday). 90 years later since the ratings on the stock market are considerably high. And renewed trade conflicts and economic concerns Investors in breath ̵
1; does the risk exist that Disaster Who Repeats Again?

"The Volkswirte said we would have reached a new level and prosperity in this country, but we would not to fall back – and then came the crash, "explains US author John Steele Gordon in the" The Crash of 1929 "documentation. After the Dow Jones marked an all-time high in September, the US search index weakens. On Thursday last October, panic set in – the trade opening saw the market fall by eleven percent. But as long as it is short, which will stabilize the course. However, on Monday and Tuesday it went further than 20 percent down.

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