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Starbucks: Coffee House introduces new charge – Some customers should be delighted

In Berlin and Hamburg, customers have had to pay more for their coffee since Tuesday. Starbucks had introduced charges on the mug. However, some customers should be delighted.

  • Starbucks carries paperbag fees
  • This fee applies only to two locations in Germany.
  • For certain customers, there are today's discounts.

162 Starbucks Cafés Germany produces large quantities of disposable beakers. However, the attractiveness of the mug could soon sink. Then some coffee at Starbucks will become expensive in the future. Therefore, there is no cost to the coffee itself, but to the mug. Since Tuesday, Starbucks is testing a fee of 5 cents on each paper bag . The extra costs first meet the customers of 26 cafes in Hamburg and Berlin. The aim of the action is to reduce the number of paper cups and to increase the use of more paper cups.

Starbucks: There are discounts for more paper cups

To increase the attractiveness of the more paper cups, no more than a paper fee applies. In addition, it says "on any drink that we fill in a brought about, […] 30 cents discount", European manager Annick Eichinger said on Wednesday. In the United Kingdom, Starbucks made the regulation in July and the results are promising. The money raised through the purchase price comes in addition to the Environmental Protection Agency WWF which uses it for various environmental projects.

WWF Plastic Coordinator Bernhard Bauske commented to the new infos One-way product to contribute to garbage disposal . Through this fee one can hope to motivate one's path. "We are deciding to reduce the amount of waste in our Coffee Houses to a considerable extent," writes Starbucks on its Internet site. ] Environmental impact by reducing packaging garbage. They are presented on their own website. So, in 1

997, they led recycled banners and their bags. Before, double cups had to be used to preserve those burns for customers. In 2006, the first cups that were made from recycled materials followed, and since 2018 Starbucks has included the World Earth Days Germany as well as recyclable cups.

on his internet site also in other areas environmentally aware. "We are working to reduce our environmental footprint," he says. This is in addition to the measures taken at Einwegbecher as well as energy and water savings, recycling measures and partnerships with other companies to promote a "progressive climate protection policy", it says. more and more problem in Germany. More and more people are grabbing for their daily coffee at Einwegbecker. They are practical and easy to get along with. Thus, according to a study by the German Environmental Aid, only 320,000 coffee to go-cups were consumed at present in Germany alone. In the year, the sum of just under three billion pieces is left.

A real problem for the environment. Disposable cups consist of bulk paper – most cups are not recycled, but are made from new materials. Furthermore, many cups contain all kinds of plastic, however. Thus, only large quantities of raw materials, such as wood and crude oil, were consumed for the mug. Add additional products, such as stirrups, covers, trays, and banners – at most all the way. Frequently, these practical cups were not thrown into a garbage can after use. Many countries land in the environment and pollute nature, streets and streams.

Starbucks is forced to make radical changes in the United States. Unpacking and Mitarbeiter – Sometimes customers really have a rare taste.

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