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Spital Affoltern am Albis – Knonaueramt directed small Spital – News

  • The Säuliamtsler saw Yes to the three reports which deviate from the fate of the Spitals.
  • Also the Local Authorities in Albis. That results in the loss of words with voltage, they will have particularly important weight in the end result
  • The Yes to Spital is by far the first step. However, the small Spital needs to be fitting for that future.

The Spitaldirektion will put the Crankhouse "on a solid economic basis" and put them first in the old age medicine, palliative care and psychiatry. Occupational associations and the foundation of the follow-up organization for Spital und Langzeitpflege. Securing the future of the Spitals, they had to sway the steamy, thirsty, matched slopes.

Auch Affoltern am Albis said Yes

All 14 municipalities are back in Spital. In the last days, the hummingbirds in the Reefs Mountains, Kappel in Albis and Hausen in Albis, are lying about 80%.

In Stallikon and Wettswil the Ja is folded down. These communities are located near the city of Zurich and in the thirteenth district of Trier. Easily hatred that threw their heads, one of them had to recommend one thing.

Even the locally-minded Affoltern at Albis said yes indeed. This Yes has one particular gross end result on the end result, if the voices of the communities became unheard of.

"A ready deduction for the rest of the world"

The Freude at the driver's and sponsor's desires is huge. Director Michael Buik is expected on Sunday from all sites. He said it was gross, he said, and he said gratefully that his guitarist was engaged in the spite of getting stuck. "If all communities are concerned, there is a definite deduction that we will refuse to do so," said Michael Buik in a conversation with the "Regional journal Zurich Schaffhausen."

Who's been with the Spital? The Spatial Affiliate has been repaired, no matter before. 2022, the Zürcher Gesundheitsdirektion introduced the new Spitalallist. Only the best-in-class spitler will receive money from the canton and its capacity.

The work for the Splitter will therefore start to fit the list of favorites in 2022. Zurzeit is not profitable and struggling with tiefen Patientenzahlen

Gründung der gemeinnützigen AG Spital Affoltern

Gemeinde Ja-Stimmen No votes
Aeugst am Albis 692
Affoltern am Albis 3'156 857
Bonstetten 1'389 542
Hausen am Albis 1 '074 278
Hedingen 1'096 418
Kappel am Albis 306 71
Knonau 487 ] 221
Maschwanden 195 69
Mettmenstetten 1'412 561
Obfelden 1'580 247
Ottenbach 934 159
Rifferswil 383 75
Stallikon 568 536
Wettswil am Albis 1'032 721
Total 14'304 Ja-Stim men 4'890 Nein-Stimmen

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