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Speaking of Basel visit by Rihanna

Popsängerin Rihanna on dot board in Basel: They consisted of a gentleman's sculpture and done a noble bee on Sunday morning.

Prominators visit at Rhe inknie! Starred Popstar Rihanna (31) is pleased to see mehrfach in Basel. At first, the singer shouted over the border of the Art Fair art Basel, where they are particularly famous for the 3.60 meter tall purple herring packaging army "Sacred Heart" by US artist Jeff Koons (64) enthusiastically mentions. Other exhibits included the superstar from Barbados, who was visiting messages

Ausgedehnte Mittagspause bis about 14.30 hrs

Your Hunger made Rihanna a dancer in "Teufelhof", a noble restaurant in Basel. Ein Foto says on Instagram, who reads the Beiz weather. "Yes, it's okay. You were here. We were all surprised, so a Mitarbeiterin des Lokals gegenüber dem Sender «Telebasel». "You get rid of the rain." That's why Rihanna is worn.

When she ordered that singer, she was not known. One has really liked the Promi-visit monkeys: Das Personal habe sie so gut treat who honored others Guest, so Christoph Widmer, CEO of Wyniger Management AG, who runs the Restaurant Teufelhof. The musician told us about 14.30 hrs in local life.

Und Rihanna is like Basel-Besucherin in guter Society: Art Event also attracted former Jahren to Superstars in Switzerland, including Hollywood-Schauspieler Brad Pitt (55) and Leonardo DiCaprio (44). (H₂O)

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