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So you do not look old at the end – SonntagsZeitung

In about 30 years, more than one million people live in Switzerland over 80 years. The only question is how? Strong and psychologically active? Or weak and lonely? So much is clear: Common problems with old age can be prevented – preferably even before you feel old.

Value of Age

How do we talk about aging? Especially terms that do not match well: decrease, deterioration, decline, slowdown. The hang of this is the fear of addiction and decline. As he grows older, the "perceived" age is less and less biological, says Roland Kunz, chief health officer for emergency geriatry at Zurich City Hospital Waid. "The over 70's feel about ten years younger. It's also true when they are sick." Getting them "age problems" is harder.


It is true that the probability of developing dementia increases with age. Comparing 80-year-old women who were born after 1

929, with those who had seen the light of the day before, showed another picture: the latter is much less likely to be a dementia. Of 100 people born before 1920, five were identified with dementia every year. Three new cases per year were among the born between 1920 and 1924, and only 0.23 for those born after 1929, as revealed by an analysis from the New York Bronx.


A "dramatic increase" of non-relatives prophesies American sociologists. In more than 40 years, 6.3 million people in the United States will live without having a partner, children, siblings or living parents, with black affected disproportionately. The number of men without children, partners or partners will increase from 6.6 million (2015) to 8.2 million in 2060, for women from 6.3 million to 7 million. The biggest contributor to this growth is those who neither marry nor have children, and those who were once married and remained childless.

Lack of appetite

At least one in ten elderly people who take care of themselves has little appetite. Of the 70- to 79-year-olds in a study, more than 20 percent reported that their appetite was poor. Often, the real reason for missing social contacts, says Roland Kunz. "It's understandable that you will lose your appetite while sitting in front of a complete menu menu." His observation: "As soon as these seniors eat together with others, their appetite series." If you are mobile, you should try to eat with others. Many elderly homes also offer a lunch table for "foreigners". Another option is to work with neighbors and cook in a row. For example, the Tavolata project brings together people to eat (www.tavolata.ch).


At calorie age requires demand but not trace elements and vitamins. "Older people often eat too little protein. In comparison to the younger body, the elderly need more of it," says Roland Kunz. Therefore, malnutrition can also occur with normal body weight, especially in unwanted weight loss, for example in connection with cancer or chronic diseases. The consequences: wounds heal worse, infections accumulate, there are more complications. Hospital stays last longer and mortality increases many times. Seniors should eat 1 to 1.2 grams of protein per day per kg body weight. If muscle mass is already greatly reduced, it is such as egg, lettuce, fish, beans, quark – best varied. In order to maintain vital processes in the body, such as hematopoiesis or cardiac activity, the body is in an emergency of its carbohydrates and fat reserves, and Finally, at the protein stores – and it is mostly muscles.


Children over hits the muscles of children. However, from the age of 25, decomposition processes begin to consider. With every decade men lose about 5 percent of their muscle mass and 13 percent of muscle strength. For women, it is 4 or 8 percent. Inflammations, such as rheumatic diseases or infections, intensify the process. Lack of muscles, falls and cracks pile up. Therefore, the medical experts do not have to look at how the muscle decreases, but to do something at an early stage: exercise regularly with strength and stamina training, eat enough protein and ensure that the weight is stable from the age of 70. A strong weight loss is then mainly at the expense of the muscles. For example, in a small study, Canadian researchers tested the effect of a whey drink with calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and other dietary supplements. Without extra sport, this resulted in a small increase in muscle strength. It was significantly more effective with further intensive training: With the whey drink as well as placebo, participants gained approximately 20 percent more strength training after twelve weeks than before. On the other hand, those who received the drink performed significantly better than the placebo group.

Blood Pressure

When will death come near? An indication of this is provided by blood pressure. 14 to 18 years before death, he reaches its peak, then it goes downhill with him. In the last two years of life, blood pressure reduction is the strongest. The researcher was identified in over 60 years of age. If a pensioner used to need four antihypertensive drugs, and if he stops using such medication, it's not necessarily a good sign.


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