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So does the retail price win in Apple's latest advanced smartphone | 21/10/19

The fact that Apple calculates a high profit margin for its products should no longer be a secret. But how much does the mega company earn from its products?

• Apple Offers iPhone 11 Max Pro for High Sales Price
• TechInsights has determined the manufacturing cost
• The most expensive part is the camera in iPhone 11

Proud price for iPhone 11 Max Pro

As with almost all other products, the cost of producing Apple products is much lower than the stated retail price. But it is often unclear how much the profit really is if you compare the cost of materials with the selling price. Apple's latest iPhone models are once again characterized by huge costs for Apple fans. If you want to take home the new iPhone 1

1 Max Pro, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Proud 1 & # 39; 250 Euro costs the cheapest version of the model, more expensive so far no smartphone from Apple. Also, if you look at how small compared to the manufacturing costs of the phone fail, the question quickly arises how such a high sales price arises and how much the group actually earns from the sales.

Manufacturing Cost for iPhone 11 Max Pro

The TechInsights portal looked at each component of the iPhone 11 Pro Max to determine the cost of making the smartphone. The results are surprising as the costs of producing the model are quite low. At a substantial retail price starting at € 1,250, the iPhone costs only about $ 490.50 in production, or about € 445. If you just compare the manufacturing and the lowest price of the iPhone 11, this would mean a profit of at least 805 euros per sold iPhone 11 Pro Max for Apple. The retail price of the 512 GB storage variant is a staggering $ 1,449 or € 1,649. Production of the latest luxury model also costs about $ 500, as "TechInsights" reported, so the profit margin for the € 1 & 199 Euro model is more than three and a half times the cost.

This is the most expensive on the iPhone 11 Pro Max

TechInsights has determined the cost of each component of the iPhone 11 Max Pro. To provide a detailed breakdown of the manufacturing costs that will ultimately determine the price of the iPhone 11, TechInsights has examined an iPhone 11 Pro Max, model A2161 with 512 GB memory in Midnight Green. The most expensive component of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is its camera, which alone is said to cause $ 73.50 in costs. $ 66.50 costs the display of the smartphone during production and for the application processor, Apple has to pay $ 64 per iPhone 11 Max Pro. For just US $ 1.50, on the other hand, there are already the sensors, the battery costs US $ 10.50.

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