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SNB leader Jordan discusses crypto curves on WEF

A federal council that encourages risks and a presidential president who is no longer completely closed to the idea of ​​a digital franc: the well-established panel from Digitalswitzerland and Credit Suisse had some surprises in the store.

The DigitalSwitzerland panel and Credit Suisse this morning in Davos will have a lot to talk about giving. Federal President and Finance Minister Ueli Maurer (68) presented the Federal Council's ideas, with which the future development of digitization should be directed in the right direction. The concept: no new laws, but a control of the processes. Switzerland also has to take some risks, it is about promoting new technology, not staying, according to Maurer.

The contractors in the room would have liked to have heard. This is also the case with Marc Walder (53), CEO of Ringier and founder of the site initiative Digitalswitzerland. Walter's goal this year: "We must understand that we need to learn something new every day – all our lives!" Therefore, Digitalswitzerland wants to launch a lifelong learning initiative on the next digital day in the fall.

Jordan and the digital franc

Although Switzerland is always good in international rankings, there are some areas where we still have little to do, Walder said again. There is still a lot to be done on topics such as basic companies, immigration laws, promotion of women in science or electronic administration.

Very quietly, Parliamentary President Thomas Jordan (55) took the discussion on the digitization of money. He made a case clear: "We see crypto tokens as an asset class, not as currencies." According to Jordan, there is no competition for national currencies. "I see no threat that we could no longer determine monetary policy."

After all, how soon will a digital franc published by the National Bank, which Thomas Jordan revealed. This is new, so far it will always be called by the SNB: no subject. It is important that you carefully consider the consequences of a digital franc. Access to the National Bank System for all citizens.

End of bank charges

Interesting: Although Credit Suisse owned a bank, there were podium voices that still considered bank charges too high or too high even their end was prophesied. So far, the fees were a lucrative source of income for financial institutions. The digital thinker and robot specialist Sebastian Thrun (51) believes that "bank charges will not survive". Spiked: Thrun once sat on the board and today presented the bank with regard to fintech.

Thrun also warned to print crypto fields. This only gave it for ten years. Perhaps, Thrun says, we will be wondering in 20 years what we were discussing in 2019. Many developments are simply unpredictable: "Just think of the internet. It has been around since 1985. No one ever thought of companies like Google, AirBnb or Uber," Thrun said.

WEF 2019

From 22-25, in January, the World Economic Forum (WEF) will again be held in Davos, with around 2,500 international personalities from business, politics, science and society meeting for exchange. updated.

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