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Significant partial result – SVP loses, green wins election in Basel National Council – News


According to the number of SVP votes losing 5 percent, the green increase by about 8 percent

  • Only the votes cast by letter have been counted; But according to experience, these account for about 95 percent of the votes
  • SVP loses its seat on the National Council
  • Red-Green reaches over 50 percent of the votes
  • LDP also increases by about 3 percent
  • SP remains stable and thus the strongest party in the city canton

According to the number of correspondences in Basel-Stadt, it is obvious that the left will be able to hold on to its third place. On the other hand, it is scarce for the SVP seat, which can get the middle group.

Strong left

SP as the strongest party in the city canton reached 31.3 percent of the voting share and only marginally less than four years ago. The two SP seats are thus safe. The SP list's partner Green Alliance, meanwhile, gained 3.4 points and now reaches 13.2 percent. The red-green young parties collect 7.2 percent. Thus, the red-green list link in the sub-result stands for a total of 51.7 percent voter shares; this is 7.7 points more than 2015.

LDP runs SVP from rank

In the right camp there is a change of leader: The strongest force so far SVP comes only 11.8 percent of voters by letter. She loses 5.3 points. Together with their subsidiary lists and EDU, this is sufficient for a total of 13.0 percent of voters, compared with 18.6 percent four years ago.

Behind this, the large group of bourgeois parties and the middle is somewhat weaker. New top is the Liberal Democratic Party LDP – which does not merge with the FDP in Basel city – with 14.5 percent of voters. That means a plus of 3.4 points. FDP loses 3.0 points and still holds 5.5 percent.

CVP loses 2.1 points and still reaches 3.4 percent of voters by letter. Thus, the list link between LDP and FDP with CVP, GLP, EPP, BDP and sublists reaches a total of 34.3 percent of voters. In 2015, CVP with GLP, EPP and BDP had occurred separately and had thus lost their seat.

Name only in the evening

The number of votes for each candidate is not known by the postal votes. While the re-election of the former Beat Jans is expected, it is unclear who will inherit the seat of SP National Councilor Silvia Schenker, who is leaving because of the limitation of Basel SP.

The financial position on the SP list is CFO Eva Herzog and the two directors Sarah Wyss and Mustafa Atici. If the Duke, whose election in the Cabinet is almost certain, after Jans performs best, then the third placed or immediately on the seat of the National Council after.

excitement with the ordinary

Among the most common, National Council President Sebastian Frehner (SVP) must shake his seat. However, the re-election of Christoph Eymann (LDP) is safe given the circumstances with letter-votes.

In the event that Liberale-Mitte-Großallianz takes over the SVP headquarters, four cantonal presidents hope to be at the top: Luca Urgese (FDP), Patricia von Falkenstein (LDP), Balz Herter (CVP) and Katja Christ (GLP). This time, the junior partner GLP is not without a chance, as FDP and CVP lose and there is a close race between GLP and LDP, which thus has chances for a second place in Bern.

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