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Shock at “Celebrity Big Brother”: Jenny Frankhauser is volunteering!

Jenny Frankhauser: “Celebrity Big Brother” – Off!

No one expected that. On Wednesday night, Jenny Frankhauser throws on “Celebrity Big Brother” voluntarily towel. If you think her sister Daniela Katzenberger, 33, her chances of victory were actually not bad. After all, Jenny got herself last year jungle crown and proved her perseverance in Australia.

But with the Sat1 broadcast, it should not come to that. To blame a rule violation …

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Jenny Frankhauser: That’s why she̵
7;s leaving “Big Brother”

Jenny and Elene Lucia Ameur were both on Nomination List. The reason: Not only did they go to the toilet together, they also removed the batteries from their microphones. “Big Brother” escaped these violations of course not and answered with one tough consistency: One of the two must leave the show.

Because Jenny is one Bad conscience tormented, she now voluntarily left the container.

I’m leaving the Big Brother house because I do not want to let Elene go because of me. I feel guilty,

The 27-year-old explains his decision. Elene can continue to fight for victory.

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