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Sham failure can lead to cancer disorders

Relationship Between Psoriasis And Cancer Detected

People With Psoriasis (Scholastic Difficulties) Survive At A Significantly Increased Cancer Risk. A recent study by researchers at the University of Manchester shows that with a disease and scoliosis, the likelihood of a cancer diagnosis increases significantly as well. can command. In addition, there are wider health consequences, such as an increased risk of a stroke or heart attack. In the current study of research teams at Alex M. Trafford from the University of Manchester, it is now clear that the risk of a cancerous disease in people with obesity is also significantly increased. The study results were published in the specialist magazine
"JAMA Dermatology".

With a disease and scabies, the cancer risk is also increased. (Image: Farina3000 / fotolia.com)

Related to different types of cancer detected

In the framework of our meta-study, the researchers evaluated 58 earlier observational studies, of which 43 were the only cancer incidence (probably a cancer cancer). and examined both factors. The data evaluation showed that psoriasis is associated with an increased risk of cancer, including the example for cancer of the colon, kidney, larynx, liver, pancreas and various other organs. Risk of cancer deaths

According to research reports, in heavy scalp obstruction, a significantly increased risk is caused by a cancerous death. "People with psoriasis appear to have an increased risk of getting cancer and dying and dying had dermatologists to consider when treating," the research group emphasizes. Further studies now require identifying underlying lying mechanisms to identify these increased risks.

Understanding lying mechanisms still unclear

to contribute additional information about the underlying lying mechanisms to deliver the apparently increased cancer risk, "says the conclusion of the British research. (fp)


Dipl. Geogr. Fabian Peters


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