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Several SVP members leave the National Council. Farmers are worried about power.

Bonde Toni Brunner (SVP) has already left Parliament.

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in the federal government with the peasants creating, it has difficulty. It became clear when the former Minister of Agriculture, Johann Schneider-Ammann, dared to break his pants a year and a half ago. He annexed the Confederation with a report on the continued development of the agricultural policy. This protested loudly because of the outlined market opening – and broke the federal council into parliament's defeat: The National Council rejected the report to the Bundesrat.

Farmers once again demonstrated their influence in Parliament. But this could crumble: Already under the current legislation, several influential peasants led their seats in the Riksdag: former peasant president Hansjörg Walter (SVP), former SVP president Toni Brunner and CVP's ​​national councilor Jakob Büchler.

"We will fight

In national elections this fall, the number of peasants could continue to shrink: Markus Hausammann (SVP), Walter Müller (FDP) and Alice Glauser-Zufferey (SVP) no longer compete. Also close to farmers' representatives as Zug FDP's national council Bruno Pezzatti, board member of the fruit association and Thurgau SVP council Roland Eberle says farewell to the parliament.

Hausammann hopes that a farmer will succeed with him. "We must fight to keep the peasants' position" "But in terms of numbers, we have always been a small minority in this Parliament." He continues to rely on the peasants in Parliament to "do their thing through good arguments".

However, the number of cases is just one thing. : The traditional peasant-friendly parties CVP, BDP and SVP currently represent a narrow majority in the National Council, but in the cantonal elections, all three parties had to give in. If this trend also occurred is at national level, farmers can lose support. Therefore, the newspaper "Schweizer Bauer", which is recently called "Bourgeois Peasant Majority," threatened.

An angry at the farmer's influence is National Councilor Beat Jans, responsible for agriculture in the SP. He says: "If CVP and SVP lose seats in Parliament during the election, the League loses its influence. And it would be high time for this to happen." The peasant organization is currently "virtually omnipotent". However, it is difficult to estimate how agricultural policy would change.

In Influential Places

But parliamentary majorities will only change if there are major losses in the three parties, such as the Peasant President and CVP's ​​National Council of Mark Markus Ritter Calculated: CVP, BDP and SVP currently have 1

05 of the 200 seats in the National Council. In addition, there are five to eight places in the FDP, which according to Ritter is "close to agriculture". On border management issues, farmers can also count on green support. "With little shifts, hardly anything will change," Ritter calculates. For greater shifts, the question is who can win and which new majorities are possible.

It is obvious that even if green and green liberals were able to continue the flight, they would rely on SP and bourgeois support to give the agricultural policy a green mark

Moreover, it is crucial, so Ritter, who will be elected – and who can fill leading roles. In this regard, it now looks good to the peasants: Ritter, for example, is currently sitting in the influential economic commission. SVP is chairman of the agronomist Albert Rösti – to mention two examples. And: In the Federal Council, Guy Parmelin, a former winemaker, is responsible for agriculture.

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