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Sebastian Vettel shocked: "Hamilton just plays with us"

Sebastian Vettel (31) runs only marginally faster at GP in France on Sunday with new tires than Leader Lewis Hamilton (34) with used tires. "srcset =" https://img.blick.ch/incoming/15388123-v1-1157808834.jpg?imwidth=1000&ratio=FREE "/>

  • Formula 1 hardly finds any new followers. Only Tulpensöhne plays Mad Mad Max: For GP-Austria on Sunday alone, 28,000 tickets were sold to Holland.

    A year ago, Verstappen won in Styria – because both Mercedes failed. Since then, Hamilton and Bottas have always scored. A madness.

    The last demonstration of power two days ago in Le Castellet. Even Mercedes boss Toto Wolff (47) gets scary: "We would also like more exciting races!" Obviously with victories over Silver Arrows …

    How brutal the situation is, the struggle for the fastest lap showed. When Hamilton heard that Vettel would still change rubber at the second-last round (at about fifth position) to get the extra points, the British ambitions went.

    Leader Hamilton suddenly ran super fast – 1: 32.764. The fastest race!

    Vettel started his chaos grove on fresh soft tires – 1: 32.740. Or just 0.024 faster.

    But the German was shocked: "I risk everything for this time – and Lewis is running out of state with old and windy tires!"

    "missed targets, lag on Mercedes to shorten"

    With Mercedes, it was calculated that Vettel with this new rubber would actually have a high 1: 31 time would have to drive!

    The conclusion made the Ferrari pilot himself : "Let's not do anything before, Lewis just plays with us! »

    During the victory, the red bosses Binotto and Camilleri were almost petrified in front of the podium, where at least Leclerc (3rd) was allowed to perform.

    Vettel: "If it were our goal, to shorten the gap to Mercedes, then we have missed this goal!"

    2018 was next to the winner Verstappen with Raikkonen and Vettel in Spielberg, also two Ferrari on the podium. only Mercedes failed.

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