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SCB loan Wüthrich "He can become a very big goalkeeper"

The reigning champion meets Swiss league champion SC Langenthal. This is why people talk about the "Super Cup". And one of them is at the center: Target speaker Philip Wüthrich. A story where Walt Disney couldn't have written more beautiful: During the past season, he would get some training at SCL as a replacement.

Since the standard goalkeeper Marco Mathis was injured twice, the 20-year-old knew the scene well. He was one of the best goalkeepers in the league and later won the playoffs with 12: 3 victories. Faster never won a team in the championship. He was number two in the league from Langenthal's number two.

During the new season, Wüthrich is No. 1 in Langenthal and when other NL clubs like Biel tried to beat him, SCB's sports director Alex Chatelain was in second place.

"When David takes down this Goliath"

"He played with strong playoffs to a terrifyingly important man in Langenthal," praised SCL's Sports Director Kevin Schläpfer. "But we know we have to plan without him next season." Schläpfer was able to take the rope around Wüthrich calmly in recent weeks: "We knew he would go against the National League anyway. We were prepared and prepared. And we are proud that we as SCL have helped pave the way for him. "

Schläpfer describes him as a quiet pillar in defense and as" our wall. He can become a great goalkeeper. He is down to earth and works hard every day. "

Playing against SCB was an honor and a big thing , "but we will try everything to bring down this Goliath like David."

Eye in Eyes with the Employer

During the summer Philip Wüthrich had trained with Bern, "we are always in contact now." And today, the 21-year-old and his home club are facing each other. "They come full time, but the 60 minutes have to be played first. A solid team effort from the beginning is needed, that's the only way we have a chance." Competing in the cup with a National League team is something special, "if we won "It would be special in my case."

The transfer process around him had been going on for a long time. "I looked at every possible way and finally decided on Bern."

A year ago he was second in Langenthal. he promises a promising career. "It shows how fast hockey can go. I'm glad it went. "

He hardly thinks about the next season:" The current season has just begun, it will take a long time yet. "But with the contract in Bern a snack was reached and it was nice, The goal is to fight the ice age in Bern." But I have not played a game through the contract, so I have to work hard to get the service. "Today he can advertise on own hand.

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