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SBB plans «Commuter Alarm»: Wipes per push on handy

Want to know more about the debugging of delays Image: KEYSTONE

SBB plans the «Verspätungs-Push» on handy – do you still have a few hooks

Fighting the Bundesbahnen with sputtering – and having in the offensive. Cool ones will be informed about disturbances on their favorite features via push notification on your hand.

Benjamin Weinmann, Andreas Möckli / Aargauer Zeitung

Commuter Daniel A. (known as the editorial editorial) gets stuck with the aspiration of Basel still Luzern zur Arbeit. However, in one morning morning at the beginning of summer holidays, it must be noted that the SBB connection to the fullest stroke has been curving. Basement works between Olten and Lucerne, which take place from Anfang July to Mitte August. Heavily, the SBB in Basel has presented an poster, on the possible backdrop of the summer, first of all, any concrete information. Das nerves Daniel A: "I am not consulting hardly to try the App, about to get my Zug."

Solchen Erger powers that prevented SBB. Once an SBB app is required, it should be able to respond to disturbances. Es were a kind of "pendant alarm". A speaker speaks corresponding information in this newspaper. Clean customers can now find online bug reports and information at home counters. "Soul is not, this is the automation," the speaker said. «App-user can subscribe to all segments of push-to-point instructions.»

Planted First-Year Tests

Where electronic electronic information, which automatically replaces the handset, is available, can match ticket billing and scheduling. einstellen. The SBB's self-willed spokeswoman speaks of a "commuter alarm", as the feature all offends. Indeed, many of the most prominent customer groups said they were reluctant to use the new feature to learn about their genetic traits, said Zurich-Bern, Lucerne-Olten or Geneva-Lausanne.

The SBB App: Uncovered Pendant Image: KEYSTONE

Planted, that Commuter Alarm from end 201

9 or Caption 2020 will be displayed first in the so-called SBB Preview App. On this test, the Bundesbahnen test technical changes, who also liked the "Augmented Reality" software in the Zürcher Hauptbahnhof. Soil, in the case of fall, should integrate that function into the custom SBB app. In one step, the SBB wanted to provide information about sleep deprivation, delays and slipping changes.

SBB Vision Re-Enforcement: Push services can interfere with those nudges, particularly in the case of non-relevant or non-correct minds. You are able to provide this with a safe, automatic way for alternative travel routes, to tell the speaker. "Returning information to the selected travel agency and to the ticket or ticket required is required." To obtain a new connection, customers may again close a new schedule request.

Undo comes the electronic "Sorry" -Bon? ] New General Business Terms (AGB) mice that SBB over the sister feature do not create their own. The Push-Mighty said he covered the existing AGB. Naughty sapphire, that App-Utility will activate Notifications. If in the future customer accounts with the personal subscription were included, they would use the SBB that AGB did for the first time and those customers were advised to do so.

In the best-of-breed information channels, the loudspeaker reviews and the digital freebies in the freight stations were to be desired. technological app-aufrüstung, says the SBB speaker. Why is it possible that customers can easily obtain digital vouchers as a delivery tool for damaged supplies? Lastly, the speaker saw the "current nicht vorgesehen."

33 SBB-Bahnhöfe: So sahen sien in the last century of the century

There bedarf in Nachtzügen goes

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