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Samsung Galaxy S10 Test

Samsung Galaxy S10 im Test: Content Requirements

Samsung Galaxy S10 In Test: Second-hand End-of-Hand Truck

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Plus Model have one-click, end-of-line welding, whichever way you go Show video. Note that the first good end truck in the time of the tests has been lost, so that it will be delayed.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Test message

During the Galaxy S9's design compared to the Galaxy S8 hardly changed, Samsung added the Galaxy S10 firmly to the hand. The current trend of fixed-edge smartphones, the Galaxy S10 with the 6.1% in the diagonal cut-out display and one of its stripes on the display, is significantly larger than the Galaxy S9 with a late 5.8-inch display. To enable this design, Samsung had to make some compromises and identify new technologies:

  • In the display: The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is integrated in the monitor. The Auge always walks in the set when you use the Galaxy S10. With various background images, one can cash in on this feature.
  • LED Bench Lighting: On which one has to miss the Galaxy S10. It was easy to build more space in the rooms, to build a LED lighting fixture. Classes are the Always-On Display or "Edge Light"
  • Fingerprint Sensor Below Display: On the reverse, the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S10 is connected to the front of the display screen underneath the display screen. Samsung puts on its ultra-shell technology, which should be faster and more sophisticated as optical solutions that use that competition. Unfortunately, the Fingerprint Sensor in the display does not function as well as it is so badly, if you are familiar with classic Fingerprint Reader.
  • Antenna sensor below them Display: Since the control sensor was in any case no more space, Samsung had the same the display connected. If one calls in or a WhatsApp-Nachricht, then one smaller white pixel shines over.
  • No iris scanner more: Even though no location has found the iris scanner, enabling a face-to-face notification. For example, the face-to-face recognition of front camera reads security experts first, so one should use one PIN, one wiping screen or the fingerprint sensor.

Nothing has Samsung on the 3.5-mm latch books. The very old and ever-popular call can be said to be the latest in a high-end smartphone from Samsung connected.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is, however, a handheld device

Wash man on the bottom See your nose, do not mention it can, is, why the Samsung Galaxy S10 is in the hand. It is not coarse and small to small. It sits just 157 grams and is 7.8 mm deep. But especially when it comes to glass over the front and back and the windows is barely more. The galaxy s9 was in the edges "sharpener" and unhomogenous, it didn't fit so much. We have the design and the features of the smartphones in detail:

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Samsung Galaxy S10 in Imagesn: Smaller Handschmeichler.

Display of the Samsung Galaxy S10 over

At Samsung's Super-AMOLED display, Restore says Jahren always sells again. The Samsung Galaxy S10 then delivers its exceptions and cemented Samsung's Ruf as a display primus. Even if the underside of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 coincides so big, one notices that in the additional case that the display of the new generation was still washed, and read better in the sunshine scene. Those fingers with the finger were quickly conceived, so there are no trials. Everything is scarce and detailed. Somewhere in the middle is a fully-protective transparent protective film. Where to wear, it directly protects the glass from beginning and

Fingerprint sensor underneath the display

Samsung connected the first Ultraschall-Fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S10. Also, if it works more reliably if the optical fingerprint sensor in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or OnePlus 6T, it is not so fast as a solution in Gehäuse. Even if the fingerprint is recognized at the earliest template, it will last at least one, often two, memo until the smartphone is requested. In this price range you just have a cousin. New technologies should improve the operation of the smartphones and not lose sight of them.

Incidentally, you may not be able to prevent the position of the fingerprint sensor from being switched off. One therefore discourages finding the right set or before switching the display over to the very high powerbutton. Optimum is the cousin

Samsung Galaxy S10: There is a lot of performance

Samsung has no compromise more on the technical attitude. The Galaxy S10 is powered by an Exynos 9820, featuring 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory. More can be expanded per microSD card. Overall, the performance behind Android 9 Pie with the new "One UI" is being rewritten. Up to the end of the process of saving with the fingerprint sensor, the smartphone is performing at the highest level. It can also measure up to the competition, which is similar to the benchmark result:

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Benchmark-Vergleich: Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro & Google Pixel 3.
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The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the "One UI"

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is featured with Android 9 "pie" and Samsung's "One UI". This surface is not new, has the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 9, which has the software with the update on Android 9. Altogether, the highly-customized Android surface works well and can be better operated with only one hand in comparison. Those adjustments are difficult, but you still have to search again. Wherever the optimum from the smartphone is resurfaced, it can look at all the tips and tricks of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Every time one of the Samsung Smartphone caps and one of its lovers model ever gets around, it is just about the new design. With time, one gets there and recognizes the advantages

Complete on blueware and immersed apps, Samsung can refrain from looking at the new generation. So, some Microsoft apps have been installed, just like Samsung Apps, which even covers Google with their own Android apps. In the end, one can observe those apps that are not installed before. It also replaces this generation with possible success and success

Samsung has responded to the criticism of the user and the Bixby button and does not accept this program. You can choose whether Bixby starts with one or more clicks on the click button. Another thing to adjust to a dubbed print is that Bixby is definitely starting up. Optionally, one or more can be printed on the Bixby button to display another function. You can therefore start the camera app, Google News or just the weather app. The possibilities are limitless in the ground. The one that works is the tip of the Galaxy S10. As a matter of fact, the Bixby button completely shuts down

Samsung has always invested a lot of time, making Bixby more useful. Particularly for an attacker, Bixby could say a simple option to change settings. In fact, it can access all system functions and perform various actions. You should therefore not look in the settings yet for certain functions. Separates version 2.0 Bixby zudem Deutsch. So the operation is simpler to simplify. [Samsung6510] Samsung Galaxy S10: The Camera in Test

Samsung connects a triple camera with a new white-fashioned lens in the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. Get the photos and videos made, the ones with the Smartphone made, but the camera test:

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Samsung Galaxy S10 in Camera Test: One step in that straightforward direction.

Samsung Galaxy S10: The battery slot

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is powered by a 3,400-mAh battery. The more than 400 mAh in the Galaxy S9. Despite the more efficient components and the larger battery, the drive time that is reached with the smartphone is disappointing. Once in the midst of two weeks, hard access comes close to a display time of 4.5 hours, but tend to be in the direction of 4 hours. Get in touch with us about the Tag – moreover, please. In comparison: One One 6 with 3,300 mAh holds locker 5 to 6 hours – with safe use

I can explain current nonsense, so the battery life is so average. Really the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the later 3,400-mAh battery was far beyond the limits. Underneath the ground, speculators, superfluous components or apps are not properly turned on in the "tapping flap", and also disassemble at power-off display in many energies. The Sin Problems That One Laughs From Samsung Leader – Need To Refurbish With Software Updates In The Obvious Time

Voice Quality and Reception Of The Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 (Bildquelle: GIGA).
Samsung connects to the Galaxy S10 a single modem chip that supports the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. This does not work on the WLAN reception anymore; As soon as the first router arrives on the market with this standard one will have a better WLAN reception. It also supports LTE-Cat. The maximum possible speed of 2 GBit / s can be seen as a sliding nipple once in use, in the LTE network of o2 viewing devices are at the very best reception and high transfer speeds.

Thanks to the solid borderless design of the smartphones, Muscle of the Galaxy S10 slipped into the upper frames. The Samsung Galaxy S10: More Features and Features

  • There the sound of the stereo speaker is very good. When you activate "Dolby Atmos", sound is more voluminous and louder.
  • The smartphone is still IP68 certified and protects its tubes and water.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 may have other smartphones or gadgets, which are the Galaxy Buds. , cordless by wireless powerShare. The function is very slow – better than the Mate 20 Pro.
  • The 3.5 mm Klinkenbuchse is practical. The low-noise headphones of AKG should never be used in case of fall.
  • The high-speed function cannot cope with the competition. It lasts for two hours, until the Samsung Galaxy S10 is fully charged – if you are not using a necktie.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a standard dual-SIM function. You can either merge Nano-SIM cards or expand a Nano-SIM card and a microSD card around the mirror.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Phase

Samsung has provided the Galaxy S10 with the design with the nicest cleaver in 2019, bringing more attention to the smartphone in 2019. Apart from that, I have the action, the clear display and the easily foldable triple camera – even if the low-light properties can be cousin with the competition meanings. The fingerprint sensor underneath the display is not shown, nor does it have the acuity cap. Samsung can even improve with software updates

Altogether, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has tested one final end-of-life test. The new design with the over-work is very similar. One and all the new features, Samsung still needs updating with updates. What has not been so much fun can benefit from Preisverfall. A funeral season has become the Galaxy S10 for the most part. You strengthen the price trap, the more loyal the natural power of the purchase.

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Samsung Galaxy S10: Rating

  • Processing, Haptics and Design: 5/5
  • Display: 5/5
  • Cameras: 5/5
  • Software: 4/5
  • ] Performance: 5/5
  • Telephony and Audio: 4/5
  • Connectivity and memory: 4/5
  • Cordless and Always: 3/5

Total: 88%

has fallen into the Samsung Galaxy S10

  • Design and Haptics
  • Large, heeled and clean OLED Display
  • Performance
  • Stereo Speaker Sound
  • Triple Camera

The hell is Samsung's Galaxy S10 nicht so toll

  • Accelerator bit
  • Fingerprint sensor in display
  • Powerbutton sits high
  • Sublime accelerator price drop and loss since

Samsung Galaxy S10: Technical data in comparison to Galaxy S10e and S10 Plus [19659086] Galaxy S10e Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus Display 5.8 Zoll (flat) Full HD + Dynamic-AMOLED Panel, 19: 9, Infinity "O" Display, 2.280 x 1.080 Pixels 6.1 inch (Wide Quad HD + Dynamic-AMOLED Panel), 19: 9, 3.040 x 1.440 Pixels 6.4 Zole (Edge), Wide Quad HD + Dynamic-AMOLED Panel, 19: 9, 3,040 x 1,440 Pixels CPU Samsung Exynos 9820 Work Speaker 6 GB / 8 GB 8 GB 8 GB / 12 GB Internal mirror 128 GB / 256 GB + microSD lock 128 GB / 512 GB + microSD lock 512 GB / 1 TB + microSD lock Camera (back cover) [19659091]
  • 12 MP: Dual-Pixel Sensor with variables Blending of f / 1.5 bis f / 2.4 and OIS
  • 16 MP: Ultraweit Shop with f / 2.2 Blende
  • 12 MP: Dual-Pixel Sensor with variables Blending of f / 1.5 bis f / 2.4 and OIS
  • 12 MP: Tele-lens with f / 2.4-blend
  • 16 MP: Ultra -weit shop with f / 2.2 blend [19659109] 12 MP: Dual-Pixel Sensor with variables Blending of f / 1.5 bis f / 2.4 and OIS
  • 12 MP: Tele-lens with f / 2.4-blend
  • 16 MP: Ultra -weit shop with f / 2.2 Blend
Camera (Front)
  • 10 MP: Dual-Pixel Sensor with f / 1.9 Blend
  • 10 MP: Dual-Pixel Sensor with f / 1.9 Blend
  • 8 MP: Thief Camera with f / 2.2 Blend
Software Android 9 "Piece" with Samsung "One UI" Connectivity LTE Cat.20, Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax), USB Type C, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 Specifications 142.2 × 69.9 × 7.9 mm 149.9 × 70.4 × 7.8 mm 157.6 × 74.1 × 7.8 mm [19659093] Weight 150 grams 157 grams 198 grams (Ceramics) Akku 3,100 mAh 3,400 mAh 4,100 mAh Sonstiges Fingerprint scanner at Rand , Stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos, IP68, wireless ports, 2D facial recognition, dual SIM, wireless powerShare Ultra-high-fingerprint scanner in display, stereo speaker with Dolby Atmos, IP68, wireless charging, 2D facial recognition, dual audio SIM, Wireless PowerShare Color Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue, Neon Yellow Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Prism Blue Ceramic White, Ceramic Black

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