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Ryanair does not fly: Laudamotion removes all flights from Zurich

Actually, the Austrian airline would offer flights from Zurich from June. They would have been carried out by Ryanair. Nothing will come of it.

The prize falls into the water. On June 1, the Ryanair aircraft would have begun in Zurich for the first time ever. They would have flown all summer with passengers for holiday destinations in Spain and Greece. The flights were planned by the Irish airline on behalf of the future Austrian subsidiary Laudamotion. But Ryanair wanted to station two Boeing 737s with pilots and pilots in Zurich.

But those looking for flights from the Swiss financial city can not find more. "We are sorry, but there are no flights today," says Ryanair and Laudamotion's websites. A spokeswoman for the Austrian airline confirms: "The six planned by the Zurich routes are canceled and taken from the flight."

No Flyers Available

As a result of the short cancellation of the Zurich roads, Laudamotion says: "Third party leasing companies have not confirmed the date of delivery of aircraft by agreement." Therefore, they saw no alternative but to cancel flights. It seems that the Ryanair plan is needed more urgent elsewhere.

Sorry for this and apologize "all our customers for these inconvenience". The measure has no effect on the remaining summer time plan in Germany and Austria, according to spokesman. Flights from Basel are also not affected by the change. Ryanair also stationed four pilots to Laudamotion in Berlin Tegel and two in Düsseldorf.

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