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Ronaldo sklägt Sohn Pokal ins Face: Series A

Around the celebrations of Serie-A Champion Juventus Turin, this curiosity scene comes to light: Cristiano Ronaldo slides out of the hand, this time landed in the face.

26 Title Cristiano Ronaldo won in a glamorous career Career won. The next Trophäe holds the Portuguese Superstar on Sunday at the Champions' Festival with Juventus Turin ab.

At one sunny talk, you might think Ronaldo knew, you were holding hands in the hand. At Title Number 26, post the Portuguese one Faux Pass

Ronaldo holds the Scudetto in hand, he will prepare for a family photo. If you change your mind so much, he does not ignore his youngest virtue. There Pokal wackel. Left left right – and then the Cristiano junior face.

The CR7 frame is on the right, second seconds for the photo. (Eds)

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