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Ronaldo provokes the Atlético Fans and Soneone to be the Egg Man

For Cristiano Ronaldo's a sad backstop after Madrid. Image: AP

Ronaldo provokes those Atlético fans and occasional power the husband-man

After the 2: 0-visit of Atlético Madrid in the corner -Help the Champions League go to Juventus for the Turin, or get away. Or can Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo target Rückspiel? At Rückkehr in the Spanish capital city, he is playing hat during the time of Saisons for Real Madrid, just a few hits.

The Atlético-devotee receives CR7 natural cousin immensely friendly. This is why this final child will not be forgotten this evening:

Ronaldo feels as if he is able to sweeten the walker with a guest. There are Portuguese visions with the five-finger Finger's hand, whoever won the Champions League ̵

1; Atlético didn't get it:

As a provocator erster Güte is also known as Atléticos coach Diego Simeone. After the Führungstreffer – the Tor, then it is likely to be 1: 0 – become the heroic Argentine in the lineage to the owner-man:

After the game excuses him dafur. "It was no neat guest," said Simeone, "at the moment I liked the fuss, making it to mice." He was so cheerful as Lazio-Romer player so he said to the fans. nice, that we have owner. If the people have been injured, I can only excuse you. ”Simeone asserted that the Geste said no one was aiming for anything. (ram)

These clubs have won the Henkelpott

Wild Kuh-Bands plundering brochures

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