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Robert & Carmen Geiss: That's why they can't think of returning to Germany

Geissens is cool and back with the eponymous season on the screens. It is now the 18th season at RTLZWEI. Even Carmen (54) and Robert Geiss (55) would never have expected it, as they revealed in an interview with BUNTE.de.

BUNTE.de: You are in the 18th season of your documentary soap. It's a long time. Would you have expected that?

Robert Geiss: In the beginning, we could only guess if and how our program will work. That our documentary soap would take such a development, we really would not have thought at the beginning. 1

8 seasons are really fantastic – of course we are really happy about it. You won't let us go so fast (laughs)!

It might be good that maybe not everything is fun. Are there things during the shooting or behind the scenes where you sometimes say, "Oh, I don't really need that now."

Carmen Geiss: Why? I always like the shots. We only do things we would do without a camera anyway, all real. In that sense, we are very relaxed.

What do you think is the reason you are so well received by viewers?

Robert Geiss: We are as simple as we are – and the spectators love it.

Carmen Geiss: Exactly, we don't pretend and are just wonderfully normal.

Openly and honestly, Carmen Geiss spoke of her pregnancies: "It was not natural for me to have children."

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Her daughters are teenage girls. Do they really want to do something to you?

Carmen Geiss: Usually, Davina and Shania find our trips, trips or activities pretty cool and enjoy being there. Of course, if either or both of them do not feel it, they can of course start their own adventure – as long as they are old enough for it.

What is the most important thing you want to give your daughters?

Robert Geiss: It is clear to both girls that you do not fall to our knees and that we must work hard for it. Such values ​​are important to us.

So strict are you actually in education for your daughters?

Carmen Geiss: Both should have their own experiences. But if we as parents think that everything is not possible, there are clear rules about us. ]

Do your daughters turn to you both in love or in love?

Carmen Geiss: So, to me (laughs).

Robert Geiss: I'm always out! That's what the girls always do to themselves.

They are exposed to haters, including their daughters. How do you explain to your children that you should not take this to heart?

Carmen Geiss: We always tell them day in, day out, people will criticize you – especially in times of social media – and they should not take all statements to heart.

If you are in front of the camera as a couple for so long it can be a stress test. How do you manage to maintain your affiliation?

Carmen Geiss: I think that's exactly because we've been a couple for so long. We know how to handle each other and can therefore easily evaluate the partner's mood.

What do you want for the future?

Robert Geiss: Another 18 seasons "The Geissens" (laughs)!

They are Have traveled a lot in the world and live in Monaco. What do you miss most about Germany?

Robert Geiss: We are really happy in Monaco and can't imagine going back to Germany.

Ms. Geiss, you have a very emotional post about Alphonso Williams († 57) posted on Instagram. They write that they have still called. How do you remember the last personal meeting with him?

Carmen Geiss: When we talked on the phone in the summer, Alphonso told me that he wanted to record a song with me. That he created a bucket list in the hospital, where I stand on it. It honored me greatly, but I didn't know how bad he was – and I thought we had some time left. I'm very sorry for that now. I will miss his infectious laugh, his joy and his music!

"The Geissens – A terribly glamorous family" runs on Mondays at 20.15 on "RTLZWEI".

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