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Reminders and Product Warnings: VW recalls Polo and Seat models

+++ May 11: VW Reminds About Polo and Some Seat Models +++

Volkswagen recalls 219,000 polo copies of the current model year due to the problem with the rear tension. It's also about 191,000 seat models of the Ibiza and Arona series, whose buckets are equally configured, a VW spokesman said on Friday in Wolfsburg.

With the affected vehicles, there could be speedy five-way crossings on board, the two buckles in the backseat pressed over each other and the lock on the outer left seats jumps open inadvertently. This has a Finnish journal contained in a test.

VW has developed a technical solution that prevents this. This should be done through recall and through a production change for the current generation pole. Until then, all affected cars could still be driven safely along the way ̵

1; but Volkswagen advised its customers, first of all, not to use the back seat's center.

The recall begins soon. Car owners should be notified in writing.

+++ May 5: Aldi Reminds Of The Explosive Salt Stones For The Furnace +++

  Reminds Salzsteine ​​

Aldi Süd Retrieves These Salt Stones That Can Explode In The Oven

Aldi Süd Recalls official salt stones from supplier "Karpati Handels GmbH". It can not be completely ruled out in the natural product, that there is air or water intake, it is on the counter website. "The salt can therefore be split under certain thermal conditions in individual cases," writes Aldi Süd. An injury risk can not be excluded. Two-pack can be returned in all stores, the purchase price is refunded then.

+++ The stern had already reported a few days ago on explosive kilns after customers had made several incidents on the network. Five major supermarkets recall eggs for salmonella attacks "title =" Five supermarkets call eggs for salmonella Feed back "class =" a-image-block "width =" 220 "height =" 124 "/>

Salmonella-infected eggs were sold on Edeka, Rewe, Norma, Net and Penny

Due to salmonella resistance, the company recalled free-range eggs found in a number of federal states. Trademarks were sold. According to the information, only eggs with number 1-DE-0353974, which can be found as a stamp size on the shell, are affected. The best before date is between April 29 and May 20, 2018. The eggs have been sold by Norma, Rewe, Net, Penny and Edeka in several federal states.

The consumption, processing and treatment of the affected eggs is strongly discouraged. Customers can return the egg without presenting the receipt in their respective supermarkets. A typical Salmonella infection causes nausea, abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting.

+++ April 30: Possible risk of blockhouse bread damage +++

The company Block Foods AG calls two because it can not be excluded that fragments of a machine part have been introduced into the products under the Bread production as a precautionary back. Specially affected are therefore the following products:

  • "Blood House Bread Garlic", Expiration Date (MHD): 20.05.2018
  • "Blood House Bread Pesto", Expiration Date: 20.05.2018

Due to the risk of injury, consumption is discouraged. Customers can return the goods affected by the withdrawal from repayment of the purchase price in each branch or directly with Block Foods AG – even without presentation of the cash receipt, it is called.

+++ April 28th: ​​Inter Ovo rings for Salmonella Foundation egg back +++

  Gutsglück egg

Salmonella was found on free eggs from "Gutsglück"

The company Inter Ovo is reminiscent of free eggs in the brand "Gutsglück". Salmonella was detected in a package. The product concerned was sold in Norma branches in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, but has not been available since April 21, 2018. Customers, free eggs of "Gutsglück" best before date 29 April. 2018 are still in your household, are invited to no longer consume them and can return the package to the store without a receipt. The repurchase price is refunded.

+++ April 25: Revocation of Salami Sticks Sold at Aldi Süd and Rewe +++

  Product Revocation Warning - Salamisticks

Images of the affected salami poins distributed by Rewe and Aldi Süd

The Mills Group reminds of two salami products sold by Aldi Süd and Rewe. In laboratory checks, occasional salmonella was isolated in the sausage, the company said. It is therefore highly recommended for the consumption of the products. Particularly affected are:

  • at Aldi Süd "Marten Salametti Minisalamis-Poultry" (100g pack) with minimum durability data 11.5.2018 and 18.5.2018
  • Rewe ] sold "Wilhelm Brandenburg – Chicken salami with vegetable fat, air dried, with precious mold " (90g package) best before date 5.6.2018

According to the company, the items concerned are taken for sale. Customers can return the purchased products for repayment of the purchase price on each market, stated by the user group.

+++ April 25: coli bacteria: Camembert withdrawn from Normandy +++

Due to contamination with coliforms, a French company Camembert has recalled from Normandy. It was all federal states except Thuringia, Brandenburg and Saarland, told it on Wednesday at the internet portal www.lebensmittelwarnung.de.
Camembert comes from the company Fromagerie du Plessis from the city of Saint-Louis-de-Fribois. This applies to several batches of the Camembert de Normandie product with expiration date April 29 and May 2 and May 5, 2018. Customers who have already purchased Camembert should take it back to trading. Anyone who has already eaten the product from Normandy should consult a physician for symptoms.

+++ April 24: Repair required: Ikea recalls gas boiler +++

An error valve was installed in the Ikea gas hobs. The furniture giant therefore calls the burners named Eldslaga back for repair. Affected are cakes that customers bought before January 1, 2018, the furniture store was announced on Tuesday.

The recall was a precautionary measure, there is no increased risk of fire or explosion. However, owners should not use the hob in the upper right-hand position at the moment. The repair must be done by the customer service and is available. According to Ikea, the incorrect gas valve leads to carbon monoxide emissions that exceed EU requirements.

  Ikea Gaspis

Influenced Ikea gas stove Eldlaga

Customers can schedule a repair on 069/29993602.

+++ April 19: Alien material in the product: Rügenwalder recalls "Mühlenmett" +++

Due to possible foreign bodies in the product, Rügenwalder returns a rate of "Mühlenmett". As the company said, the varieties are "peat". "Onion porridge" and "Zwiebelmettwurst Jäger Art" (each in the 100 grams package) are affected. This is the party best before the date of 12.05.2018. According to the company, the background is a manufacturing error, so it can not be excluded that the product contains sharp edges of plastic. Swallowing these parts can lead to health issues. Consumption of the affected "Mühlenmetts" is not recommended.

+++ March 28: Airbag Problem: Toyota Recalls About A Million Cars Again +++

Toyota is recalling about one million cars again – 210,000 of them in Europe, the Japanese The automaker announced Wednesday. Influenced are several models, including Corolla Rumion. The cars are equipped with airbags from the Japanese supplier Takata. In case of prolonged exposure to heat and moisture, the airbag can be triggered too much in case of an accident. After the withdrawal of more than 100 million airbags, Takata left bankruptcy in Japan and the United States last June – but not the subsidiary in Europe. The Chinese-American car carrier KSS announced in November 2017 to take Takata for EUR 1.35 billion. The more than 3000 Takata employees in Germany could work on unchanged terms in the new group, said a spokesman for companies.

+++ March 22: Dairy Deutsche Milchkontor Reminds About Quark +++

Germany's largest dairy Deutsche Milchkontor rings a variety of quarry variants back. The company can not rule out that the product contains sharp metal parts. These can cause damage during consumption. The reason for this is a defect at the filling plant. Affected products are from Milram and Rewe and Penny available quarks, which the company announced in a press release on Wednesday. These are packaging best before date 17.03. until 18.04.2018. Customers can return the products in the stores, the purchase price will get you even without refund refunded. The individual products and trademarks can be found on the website lebensmittelwarnung.de, where the portal has written the corresponding press release.

  Rewe own brand matkvark

Quark cookies on Rewe private label are also affected.

+++ March 20: Aldi Süd Reminds About Frozen Desserts +++

Frozel dessert from the manufacturer Condeli GmbH can be a danger to allergy sufferers. The company can not rule out that the nut-sugar mixture of sweet dumplings contains traces of cashew nuts, says Aldi Süd on his website. However, this is not explained on the label, so there is a risk to customers with cashew nuts Allgerie. Aldi Süd advises those affected by the consumption of the product and requests the return of the "sweet dumplings" on

The counter counter has distributed the products as promotional products as of January 6th. According to the notification, the following varieties are affected:

  • "Strawberry Grape Dumpings" (MHD 12.12.2018),
  • "Apricot Fruit Dumpings" (MHD 4.12.2018) and
  • "Nougat Dumplings" (MHD 27.11.2018))

These Condeli products can be returned to the Aldi-Süd stores for repayment of the purchase price.

+++ March 19th: Bottle Can Break – Product Warning for Rheinhessen Dornfelder +++

The Wine and Sektkellerei Einig-Zenzen from Rhineland-Palatinate have issued a warning to potentially blow wine bottles from their assortment. Impacted is a part of the Dornfelder Rheinhessen quality wine (wonderful) from 2016 in the 750 ml bottle. This reports the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. Affected is lot number 4 907041 293 17. The product is sold throughout Germany. Wine fermentation creates a pressure inside the bottle. Especially with screwdrivers bottles, space risk is therefore relatively high. Dornfelder with cork locking but can not be completely ruled out of danger. Here the cork can be dissolved and pressed out of the bottle.

+++ March 16: The manufacturer calls back "crisp fresh Hungarian" – wrongly bottled +++

The Cologne-based manufacturer, Intersnack Knabber-Pastry, has a redial for the launched "Crisp Fresh Hungarian" product. In the potato pork bags "Chips Fresh Hungarian 175g" with the lot number LGQ07 E 25.06.2018, the flavor "sour cream" was wrongly filled, "said the manufacturer. However, this contains allergen milk, which is not explained on the packaging.

The company assured that the quality of the product was impeccable. But she wants to protect people with milk protein allergy from eating wrong packed fields. The purchased product can be returned by mail without a receipt to the manufacturer. Customers will receive a new product.

If you want to check it now on your chip bag: The coding is on the back of the packaging in the top left corner.

+++ March 14: Wooden pieces in "Crunchy cereal less cute" by Gut & Auspicious +++

Due to possible pieces of wood in the grain package, the food manufacturer Devauge Gesundkostwerk has recalled one of its products. Infected is "crunchy cereal less sweet" with the name "Good & Cheap" in the 600 grams box with the best before the date of 12.11.2018, which the company from Lüneburg announced Wednesday. The cereals are offered nationwide mainly at Marktkauf and Edeka. Both companies would have removed the product from the sale. Customers can return the returned packages and get the money back.


In "Crunchy cereal less sweet" from "Good & Cheap" (symbol image) the wood sticker can be hidden

+++ March 14: Fire risk at a mini fritter of Aldi Süd +++ [19659002] Aldi-Süd has stopped selling a deep fryer and recalls the product: As Aldi-Süd and Hofer AG in Austria and Aldi-Switzerland informs, it is about the "Ambiano mini koker" at the supplier Petermann GmbH & CO. KG, which had been sold since February 15th. In individual cases there is a risk of an electrical fault, which may cause the fire to burn, "says Aldi Süd. The product can be returned in all Aldi South branches. The customer would receive the purchase price of 17.99 euros, even without proof of purchase.

+++ 2nd March: Sticksalami at Lidl may contain plastic parts +++

The manufacturer EWG Eberswalder Wurst GmbH warns of the consumption of "Eberswalde Original Schorfheider Sticksalami, 250 g". Corresponding products with expiration date March 4, 2018 and Lot number L10446 may contain red plastic foreign body, retail chain Lidl.

  ticket salami by EEC Eberswalder Wurst GmbH

Affected are products with MHD March 4, 2018

Salami, distributed in stores in parts of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein have been removed from the sale. The manufacturer will call back already purchased items. Buyers can return the product to all Lidl stores and get the purchase price back.

+++ March 2: XOX Reminds About "Noble Veggie Mix" +++

The Hamelin-based company XOX Gebäck GmbH calls its "Noble Veggie Mix" in the 80 grams package. In a press release published on the portal "lebensmittelwarnung.de", the manufacturer announces that

was found in the product. As these can cause gastrointestinal diseases, consumption should be strongly recommended.

XOX has had the veggie mix with the best before date June 5, 2018 on sale. Customers who bought the product can return it to the markets and get the repurchase price. The manufacturer supplies stores in the retail chains Citti, Hit, Marktkauf, Metro, Net and


+++ February 27: Recall of mineral water online: Changed taste and smell +++

The company "Harzer Mineralquelle Blankenburg GmbH" has issued a revocation for what is sold on Net mineral water "Regensteiner." The background to the

is a changed taste and smell. The reasons are not known. The product is "Regensteiner Mineralbrunnen Quelle" in the 0.7 liter reusable glass bottle with the best before date 08.02.2020 The water was sold in the Net stores in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia. Customers should drink before drinking mineral water. The product can be exchanged at the cash desk without presentation of the receipt. The costs will be replaced.

+++ February 27th: Revoke from n Pintoy Cars: Small Choking Choking +++

The European Warning System RAPEX warns of Pintoy's wooden cars. Toy cars are therefore a danger to infants, as the parts of the engine and the tires are easy to solve. Children can swallow the parts, there is a risk of suffocation. The toy in the company Pintoy has the name "racing car" and is wearing model number 1609. RAPEX recommends that you examine the appropriate product carefully for completeness and robustness. The product is available in

and is made in Thailand.

+++ February 23th: Ikea Reminds About Foamy Confectionary +++

Ikea Reminded Its Creamy Candy Candy Candy Pie with an unusual reason: The sweets – commonly known as "Musbacon" may be contaminated by real mice The company was announced on Friday in Hofheim in Hesse
Affected by the recall are all 100 grams of packs with

expiration date
between 23 October 2018 and 26th January 1919. Customers who bought the product could return it – even without receipt – in every shop. "We see this product call as a necessary step to meet our high standards," says Ikea.

+++ February 20: Lidl reminds of puff decorations for any metal parts +++

Due to possible metal parts Discounter Lidl recalled some puff pastry. The product "Chef chooses cheesecake, 275g" from the Austrian manufacturer Wewalka (Sollenau) has best before the date of 10.03.2018, as Lidl announced. According to data, the countries concerned are Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia. The company had already been warned to eat the product a week ago – but with expiration date 08.03.2018. This applies to parts of Baden-Wuerttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Due to new findings and "to exclude any risk for consumers", the revocation has now been extended. The recall therefore affects the products with both durability data. In order not to hurt themselves, customers should not eat the pillow case, but return to Lidl, the company said. The money will be refunded with and without receipt.

+++ February 19th: Aldi Nord: Pampers +++ Pampers Burnout

  Pampers Recall Aldi Nord "title =" Pampers Recall Aldi Nord "class =" a picture block "width =" 620 "height =" 349 "/>

[19659000] Fullscreen </span></button>
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Aldi Nord Recalls Pampers Packs

Due to a defect in Aldi North's logistics chain, "Pampers Diapers Jumbo Pack" size 4 and size 5 are in contact with a corrosive fluid comma. Only individual packages are affected. There is a risk of skin irritation and chemical burns in this case. There are promotional items sold since February 2. Pampers at other dealers are not affected.
Aldi Nord also repays affected products in its stores without presentation of the receipt.

+++ February 19th: Italian pastry cakes call baking + + +

Italian pastry Stabinger has recalled several types of cakes. Products like "covered apple pie" or "ricotta tart strawberry" may contain metal fragments and should therefore not be used as a precaution, says the company. Whole eight kinds of slices of discs are worried. It was initially unclear in which supermarkets the salad was sold and if buyers could take back the products. The company has recalled products with best before date 22.02.2018, 27.02.2018 and 01.03.2018. The following countries are affected by the revocation: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Thuringia, as reported by the company and the Lebensmittelwarnung.de portal. This site is run by federal states and federal office for consumer protection and food safety, headquartered in braunschweig.

+++ February 14: Puff sold at Lidl and Aldi can contain metal +++

Wewalka, an Austrian manufacturer of Fresh You, is reminiscent of puff decorations. The product may contain metal foreign bodies, it is said in a customer information. Consumers should refrain from eating puff covers due to the possible risk of injury.

The product was distributed by Lidl as "chef select

puff pastry
" in parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg via discounter Lidl. He has taken the affected 275g pack with the best before the date of 08.03.2018 from the sale. Customers who bought the product can return it to all stores without presenting the receipt.

  Recall Puff Aldi "title =" Recall Puff Aldi "class =" a-image-block "width =" 220 "height =" 124 "/>

            <button class= Fullscreen

Puff decorations were also for sale in Aldi Nord stores

The product was also available from Aldi Nord. The disk count also takes back "Cuisinette Fresh You, Black: Puff Pastry" with best before date 09.03.2018. Wewalka delivered the dough to Aldi stores in 14 cities. The disc has published a list of its website.

+++ February 12: Ritzenhoff & Breker recalls coffee and coffee cup

The traditional German company Ritzenhoff & Breker calls for careful coffee and coffee cups from its "Indigo" series since October 2017. The reason for this was that the drinking margins for the products concerned showed increased cobalt levels, the company found in a published online security bulletin. "There is a risk that the drinking rim is metal-permeable," explains Ritzenhoff & Breker. Thus, excessive consumption of cobalt may endanger health. " Currently there are no binding requirements for the cobalt content of ceramics, we want to prevent possible risks for consistent consumer protection with the precautionary attention of coffee and tea cups. "

The following copper Batches are affected by recall and should no longer be used:


Customers can return the relevant cups to retailers or send them to the company. The purchase price will be replaced.

+++ February 9th: Hepatitis Fall in Denmark – Nutrition Calls Dated Back +++

Grocery Noodle Call Date Imported From Germany Back From RM Import. The reason for this is speculation about a link between certain cases of hepatitis A in Denmark and the use of dates. The portal "Lebensmittelwarnung.de" published a message from the Nutwork trading company on Friday that it is said that hepatitis cases in Denmark could be related to the consumption of the dates of RM Import. According to the information, this product is "Juicy Dates, RM Import" in the 400 grams package with the best before date 10.06 and 28.01 this year. Anyone who has consumed suitable dates and notes symptoms like nausea, vomiting or jaundice should seek medical attention.

+++ February 9: Aldi Nord reminds of "Pampers" caustic fluid diapers +++

Aldi Nord Nord reminiscent of "Jumbo Packs" of "Pampers", which was sold at the beginning of February as promotional items in the stores . Due to a mistake, the size was 4 and 5 diapers in contact with caustic fluid, the company said. The person who has come into contact with the fluid, which must expect skin irritation, in the worst case of chemical burns. Customers can return the relevant packages and recoup the purchase price.

+++ February 7: Contaminated Eggs: Sales also at Rewe and Edeka +++

C.coli bacteria were detected on the earth's eggs held at Geflügelhof Ertl KG. These can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever. As the "Lebensmittelwarnung.de" portal from the federal government and states announces, the company recalls the chicken eggs. The product in class A and weight class M were therefore sold in the Rewe and Edeka stores in Upper and Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate. Consumers who have bought eggs best before the date of 20.02.2018 can return the item without presentation of the receipt and get the repurchase price. The danger of a disease does not exist if the eggs are eaten after the Durchgaren.

+++ February 6th: Albert Schiller KG Reminds of Liver Lady +++

Who, from January 29th to February 2nd, the product "Schiller liver fresh" purchased from Edeka should refrain from eating possible: Manufacturer Albert Schiller KG calls the sausage because of a red plastic part, found in a sausage, back. Influenced is a batch sold in a total of 19 Edeka stores. A list of markets that the manufacturer has published here. Other parties or products from the company should not be affected.

The product was removed from the sale after finding foreign bodies. Consumers who bought liverwurst are refunded the purchase price without the receipt being presented.

+++ January 29th: Iglo Recalls Cream Spinach +++

Frozen Food Producer Iglo calls cream spenach from a specific kit and warns before eating the affected products. Some small plastic parts from field cultivation have arrived in the spinach packaging, said the company on Monday in Hamburg. The eight millimeters long and four millimeters wide sections can have sharp edges and cause a risk of chewing and swallowing.

The effect is 800 grams of Iglo Cream Spinach ("Blubb") with expiration date 09.2019 and code L7257AJ005. According to Iglo, the production error occurred only in a short period of time, so the printed time is also important: 23.00 – 3.00.

The packages were delivered to the states of Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Thuringia, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg. Iglo reimburses their purchase price.

+++ January 22: Rossmann Recalls Baby Milk Food +++

The French dairy process Lactalis is reminiscent of different infant formula in 83 countries who suspect Salmonella. The pharmacy chain Rossmann joined the recall: Customers should no longer use "babydream" dairy products labeled "Made in the EU" and return them to a Rossmann store. The purchase price is refunded without the receipt being presented. Milk food with the note "Made in Germany" was not affected, Rossmann told.

By November 2016, Lactalis had produced milk formula for the Rossmann brand "Babydream", which was last sold in mid 2017. Since the end of 2016 another company has produced infant milk food. Lactalis has confirmed that all milk products produced by Rossmann were flawless.

Salmonella infections cause nausea, abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting. Symptoms usually end after a few days. In infants the diarrhea can dehydrate the body.

+++ 19th January: Salmonella Discovered: Stockmeyer Reminds About Tekorv +++

The Western Meat Producer Stockmeyer has its own Tekorv called Delikatess Teewurst. In the 125-gram packaging of the product, Salmonella has been detected during official investigations. This was announced by the company from Sassenberg (Münsterland) on Thursday evening. Affected are the products with best before date 08.02.2018 and part number L87 HXS. The products were sold in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Bavaria. Anyone who has eaten the affected product and feeling symptoms of salmonella (diarrhea, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain) should seek medical attention.

+++ January 18: broken glass of painted meat – recall Kaufland +++

Wegen möglicher Glassplitter ruft Kaufland in mehreren Bundesländern vorsorglich Hackfleisch zurück. Seal de Eigenmarke K-Purland, Teilte das Unternehmen am Donnerstag in Neckarsulm (Kreis Heilbronn) mit. Hintergrund des Rückrufs sei eine defective Maschine gewesen. Es wurde ein Glassplitter, who owns your Sprecherin. Es handles the following products:

  • – K-Purland Hackfleisch vom Schwein (500g, 1000g), Relatives Date of Birth: 23. and 24. January 2018.
  • – K-Purland Hackfleisch gemisch von Schwein und Rind (500g fettreduziert , 300g, 500g, 1200g), concerned Date of Birth: 23. and 24. January 2018.
  • – K-Purland Hackfleisch vom Rind (200g fat reducer, 300g, 500g, 1000g), concerned Date of Birth: 23. und 24. January 2018.

Kaufland nahm de betroffen Ware vorbeugend aus dem Verkauf. Sie wurde in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Saarland, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. Verbraucher können das Produkten in jedem Markt zurückgeben und bekommen ihr Geld erstattet.

+++ 15. Januar: Rossmann ruft "ISANA Lift Triple Augencreme" zurück +++

De Drogeriekette Rossman rucks vorbeugend sämtliche Packungen seiner "ISANA Lift Triple Augencreme "with them Mindeshaltbarkeitsdatum 07/2020 zurück. Nach Produktionskontrollen könne man nicht ausschließen, dass who confesses Charge den Keim Pseudomonas aeruginosa – besser as Krankenhauskeim – enthält. Bei geschädigter Haut, offenen Wunden oder einer Anwendung im statt am Auge könne esiner infektion kommen, heißt es als Begründung. You can rate this product by using the "Nicht mehr zu verwend".

Customers who are Augencreme in all. The branches of the Unternehmens abgeben, the Kaufpreis wird erstattet.

+++ January 12, 2018: Metallabrieb in four Products: "XOX Gebäck "ruft Knabbergebäck zurück

 Eine Tüte der Firma XOX-Gebäck

The company" XOX Gebäck "set Knabbergebäck here. Einige der Produkte wurden weighen Verunreinigungen zurückgerufen.

The Unternehmen "XOX Gebäck" hat mehrere Article aus ihrem Snack-Sortiment weighing möglicher Verunreinigungen zurückgerufen. Insightful victory in four Products Spuren von Metallabrieb will be celebrated, the company aus Hameln teelt in Niedersachsen mit. Aufgrund des Metallabriebs became a verzehr des Produktes abgeraten. Bei den Produkt handele es sich um:

  • "XOX Pommes Snack Ketchup 125g", MHD: 10.10.2018
  • "XOX Pommes Snack Schranke 125g", MHD: 11.10.2018 / 12.10.2018
  • "Bravo Snack Mix 100g", MHD: 16.08.2018 / 17.08.2018
  • "Bravo Pommes Snack Ketchup 100g", MHD 17.08.2018 / 18.08.2018.

The relevant article is based on the Supermarket rules. "Wir bedauern den Vorfall und entschuldigen uns bei alle Verbrauchern für entstandene Unannehmlichkeiten", hieß es weiter. Das Gebäck könne gegen Erstattung des Kaufpreises am Kauf-Ort zurückgegeben werden.

+++ 9. January 2018: Chlorreiniger im Glas: dm ruft Babybrei zurück +++

 dm babylove apfel himbeere "title =" dm babylove apfel himbeere "class =" a-image-block "width =" 220 "height =" 397 "/>

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Diese Gläschen können unter Umständen betroffen signal

The Drogeriemarktkette dm ruft derzeit eine bestimmte Black Babynahrung zurück. Betroffen ist das Produkt "Früchte Erdbeere und Himbeere in Apfel nach dem 4. Monat" der Marke "Babylove" wie das Unternehmen am Montag mitteilte. Der Grund für den Rückruf: Bei eigenen Kontrollen des Unternehmens waren in Gläschen Rückstände eines chlorhaltigen Reinigungsmittels entdeckt worden. Da nicht ausgeschlossen werden könne, dass weitere Gläschen belastet sind, erfolge der Rückruf nun vorsorglich. Der Stoff könnte bei Menschen zur Folge haben, dass die Sauerstoffaufnahme des Blutes eingeschränkt und die Jodaufnahme gehemmt wird. Betroffen sind 190-Gramm-Gläser mit dem Mindesthaltbarkeitsdatum 5. Juli 2019. Kunden, die das Produkt gekauft hätten, können die Gläser in den Filialen zurückgeben und bekommen den Kaufpreis erstattet.

+++ 5. Januar 2018: Computerhersteller "HP" ruft Notebook-Akkus wegen Brandgefahr zurück

Die Technikfirma "HP" lässt Akkus von einigen ihrer Notebook-Modelle zurückrufen. Grund hierfür ist die Brandgefahr, die durch Überhitzung der Akkus entstehe und somit die Kunden gefährden könne, so das Unternehmen.

Die von der Aktion betroffenen Batterien wurden etwa in den Modellen ProBook, Envy, Pavilion und ZBook fest verbaut, die zwischen Dezember 2015 und Dezember 2017 verkauft wurden.

Einen Wechsel und einen Ersatzakku bietet HP kostenlos an. Nutzer sollten deshalb unbedingt prüfen, ob ihre Geräte betroffen sind und den Akku in den Sicherheitsmodus versetzen.

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