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"Red Dead Redemption 2" stones this year's chart

It was to be expected: "Red Dead Redemption 2" was the best-selling game in the past year in the US and could even put the long "Call of Duty" in second place.

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A Call of Duty game still sits on US sales faith at the end of the year – except in the years when Rockstar Games releases a game. Last made in 2013 with Grand Theft Auto 5 which is now repeated for the year 2018 with Wild Dead Epic Red Dead Redemption 2 . Since the 15th part of the shooter series, Black Ops 4 must be beaten by Activision at the end, they were still leading in November. The debut made it the 5th place in annual annual maps in the United States in 201

0 and had to surrender to Call of Duty: Black Ops .

Top 10 Best-Selling Games 2018 in the United States

NPD's figures are listed by dollar sales and include full-price purchases and purchases on various digital platforms. Madden NFL 19 and Black Ops 4 does not take into account PC sales, but at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo did not mention digitally sold copies. Especially with Black Ops 4 the missing PC numbers could still have affected the annual result.

Source: NPD

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