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Reasons for the false start of VfB: Why VfB Stuttgart is zero – VfB Stuttgart

By Heiko Hinrichsen

Zero points, zero goals: VfB Stuttgart's balance is sober after the defeat against Bayern Munich. The sound is getting harder in Cannstatt. In particular, the coach's tactics are criticized. Manager Michael Reschke also requires further development ̵

1; but takes Tayfun Korkut into protection.

Stuttgart – VfB has lost 3-0 to FC Bayern, which reduces fans than how the defeat came. Trainer Tayfun Korkut, for example, had his team toss with a destructive defensive tactic that, according to record player Lothar Matthäus, "has absolutely no chance of winning Bayern". Bundesliga table is from Stuttgart view of hair loss: zero points and zero goals stand for the VfB book. But Mario Gomez says despite failed euphoria: "Now, the opponents will come as we can compete with."

The coach

The tactical attitude of the criticism came from the personal record committee. "Of course, it's hard against Bayern – but you always have a chance," says Lothar Matthäus, who had seen a 0: 3 TV expert on VfB against the German champions in the arena. "But if you play as a VfB, then you have absolutely no chance."

So not only did not ignore the shield of former Munich on the extremely defensive style of coach Tayfun Korkut. "It was scared," Matthew said. VfB had obviously been on a counterattack – but missed the fast Anastasios Donis players. So what was Korkut's game idea? In 30 minutes Stuttgart was at least stable on the defensive. But if, for example, the little power cube and defensive expert Santiago Ascacibar, who earned the highest score with Stuttgarters, became the most striking offensive force, something is wrong with the system.

"Against such an opponent, you need the almost perfect game. We have not been able to build press," says Korkut, with a score of zero and zero after three matching matches scored with zero shot on goal and zero corner on zero yellow cards (aggression of the keyword ) against Bayern to think,

The boss

"Tayfun Korkut has a clear plan, a clear strategy and a great sense of reality," said Michael Reschke, who after two Bundesliga games "including a tough game in Mainz as well Joker match against Bayern Munich where it is usually not much to pick up, "shattered criticism of his head coach in the button. However, the VfB boss also demanded:" We must all go to the ball "- and this expressly includes the coach who whistled for the first time to hear whistles from his own audience when he replaced Anastasios Donis.

Undisputed is Reschke ("It was definitely too little today") has put a cadre to his head coach, as playful gives more than last year. The fact that Korkut knows how to succeed in a stable, defensive basic order, he has shown brilliantly in the second half. But now a further development is expected. So far, however, the coach has not found the right mix despite a long preparation without major injury problems. Particularly creative department is lame. Daniel Didavi and Erik Thommy, but also Christian Gentner and Mario Gomez have not yet been on tour. "Tayfun Korkut will work on the offensive," said Reschke. "It has been clear to me that we have a tough program for the start of the season."

The players

"We did not get into the duels, we had a bad day and Bayern had a very good game – then such a game" summarized the goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler who could contribute at least three, four sparkling parades to the game. It's playful little together – and so, VfB is the only professional team in the first to third league, which has not yet achieved a competitive gaming goal. This is not without traces on Stuttgart professionals. So Mario Gomez had done before the match to the team "mentally cracked."

The seizure against his ex-club should not be exaggerated. "We can not let ourselves be persuaded now, that would be the worst thing," warned Gomez, who will play for SC Freiburg after Sunday's international break Sunday, September 16th (6:00) before the Fortuna Düsseldorf performs in Stuttgart. "This page has played sensationally well during the last second half," added Gomez. "We may have underplayed the first two games because we thought it would continue. Now the teams we can compete in the league with." And goalkeeper Zieler added: "We have to work back to the level we played during the offense."

The fans

] Before the start of the season's first home game, Stuttgart showed the fans, using its "Caravan Cannstatt", the common march of this time, about 2,500 VFB supporters to the stadium, in an impressive way, what constitutes an traditional club. The soccer community in the sign of the red bride showed unity and expectation at the young season. But there was nothing left of the collective celebration mood and the first euphoria on the stand at the sold-out Mercedes-Benz Arena with 58,560 fans. "The best thing about the game is still the result," was the cognitive comment of a VfB supporter. You can also lose Bayern against 0: 3, but do not be so defensive-destructive, it was at least the prevailing audience's prevailing opinion. The great euphoria in the Stuttgart environment before the start of the season for strong preparations and promising transfers is only after only 270 competition minutes during the new season.

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