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Rammstein: Secret Embassy in Frankfurt? Photo lets fans puzzle

Rammstein was in the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt on July 13. Did Lindemann have a hidden message to fans? This photo provokes speculation.

Update July 17, 2019: This evening has certainly remembered a lot of Rammstein's fans: on Saturday, the rocks performed in front of sold out landscapes in Commerzbank-Arena ] in Frankfurt and thus ended their "Europe Stadium Tour "2019 in Germany. The cult rocks are extremely famous for their legendary live performances – as well as for a detail that was different in Frankfurt than in the previous gigs. Did the singer Till Lindemann have a hidden message for his fans in the metropolitan area?

Rammstein in Frankfurt: This detail makes it possible for speculation

How talented Rammstein fans know: Nothing will happen at the Berlin band show left to chance. The performance of the tour is scheduled for the smallest detail so . Exactly what had been expected from concert makers in Frankfurt is the planned show probably one of the best in the industry. When the audience was completely uninterrupted during the song "Engel" and the band members let themselves be transported back to the stage in inflatables, everything seemed like in the other cities. But suddenly is something different : Back on stage To Lindemann holds up a sign with the word "Welcome". Is this a hidden message?

Online image and video of the sign speculation. Fans agree: "Welcome" is not targeted to the 40,000 spectators ̵

1; but should be considered Statement on marine rescue in the Mediterranean . The inflatable boats and the sign are sufficient for that. "Thanks to Rammstein for her clear statement. Welcome when a boat starts. Top! #RefugeesWelcome" tweets a concert visitor and earns a lot of encouragement.

To Lindemann has not commented on the true background to the sign. Previously, Rammstein kept his political statements apart from the music lyrics.

Rammstein in Frankfurt: Important note for all fans

Update July 12, 2019 : Rockhammer moves closer: Saturday, July 13, 2019, the rock band Rammstein plays in the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. In advance there is an important note for all fans: Who went out empty ticket on official ticket, should now buy tickets through other portals like Viagogo. There, ticket prices are often 200 percent and higher.

All tickets for the Rammstein tour are personal: So if you buy tickets at the last minute on Viagogo, you can be sure to be sent home at the entrance and pay hundreds of euros for free. Admission to the Rammstein concert in Commerzbank Arena on Saturday in Frankfurt is the opening agreement at 4.30 pm with a female duo Jatekok from 19:30. At around 9 pm, the Rammstein concert starts at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt.

  • It gets hot at the concert: Lots of fire, Pyro, dark confetti and big flames
  • The organizer recommends that you do not come by car: Public transport or bicycle
  • Only couplings, gym bags, bags and bags up to Your Your size is allowed at the entrance.
  • Update of July 7, 2019: Rammstein fans were just a little annoyed until recently because there was a lot of problem with the card sales. Now the cult band's followers must pass the next shock message.

    What happened? Rammstein had in early April, the long awaited new album was killed. The teachers continue to argue for the title. Variant A: The album has no. Variant B (which is more likely): It listens to the simple name "Rammstein". 46:20 work struck like a bomb captured in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Place one of the respective maps . Eleven songs are on the record, including the much-discussed opener "Germany".

    The critics took the album most favorably, for the fans the new album is already cool. But the fans now have to be very brave, because after the driver's chaos in the presale of the Rammstein Tour 2020, there is now the next shock message. The cause: The rappers LX & Maxwell hit the top of the official German album charts with their album "Obststand 2" Rammstein! It shouldn't taste the rock fans so much! To Lindemann (56) and Co. is now only in second place, in front of Sarah Connor (39) with "Herz Kraft Werke".

    Tickets for the Rammstein Tour 2020: Card Chaos – Fans madman!

    Update July 5, 2019 : What a disaster for Rammstein to start ticket sales for the Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour 2020: The servers on the ticket portal collapsed on Friday morning. Everything indicates that the sought after tickets are sold very quickly. The beginning of the ticket sale of Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour 2020 was at 11.00. For thousands of fans of the German rock band was nothing first: On the side of the ticket portal was to read:

    Rammstein disaster at the beginning of the ticket sales for the Tour 2020. Many fans are pissed on Friday.

    © Ram mstein -Desaster at the beginning of ticket sales for Tour 2020 – Fans pissed dpa (photo montage)

    "Here is just something that happens. Due to a large number of simultaneous requests to our systems you will be in The waiting room for a short time. Please be patient. "Those who tried it often enough were put in a queue with a timetable. It ended a counter, which started in about five minutes. In English: Rammstein fans have taken the Eventim server to their knees. When the tickets are sold out, it remains to be seen.

    Here are some cities Rammstein-Europe-Stadium-Tour 2020 :

    • 29.05.2020 Leipzig, Red Bull Arena Leipzig
    • 02.06.2020 Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz Arena
      [19659014] 27.06 .2020 Düsseldorf, Merkur Spiel-Arena
    • 01.07.2020 Hamburg, Volksparkstadion
      04.07.2020 Berlin, Olympic Stadium

    On the online portal allestoerungen.de appeared on Friday morning Eventim in the list of pages with problems. From 11am it is a massive top of complaints. The Rammstein fans (here the official band's rock band) are pissed off that the server did not accept the requests. Only members of the Rammstein fan club "LIFAD" already on Wednesday (July 3) had the opportunity to secure tickets for the Rammstein Tour 2020. However, there was a limited ticket quota.

    Rammstein: Disaster Ticket Sale at Eventim

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