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Rad talent Edo Maas can never run again

At the U23 edition of the Lombardy round trip it passes. The watch driver Edo Maas (19) of the Sunweb Development Team collides in a departure with a car. «A car came from the right and crossed the street. I know not what was possible. It was a horrible accident, at around 70 km / h, ”describes Franzose Edouard Bonnefoix, who, together with Maas, hunted a group behind him, the accident origin.

Maas injures himself at the back and in the face so heavy that he survives had to be brought to Spital. There are more Male operatives. "Successful", as his team wrote in one statement. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old Netherlands is again arguable. His back injuries are still so heavy that he can never run again. A difficult fate for the young driver and his family.

Grosse Anteilnahme

Many of his professional colleagues are shocked by the tragedy. Under the hashtag #TogetherForEdo, they try to address Edo Mut. This is how Sprint star Mark Cavendish puts it, "I am speechless. In my mind, I am firmly in love with Edo, his family and all of the Sunweb team. ”In addition, Belgian Edward Theuns wishes Maas and his family only the best. It can be good to see again, if it was hot, to have a serious back injury. "When I broke it back for a couple of years, it was my biggest nightmare …", the 28-year-old admits.

On Instagram, Maas' girlfriend Mischa Bredewold addresses herself with heart-warming words and her love. "I loved you dearly and I still love you. You are the one who deserved the least, but we are fighting again. ”Bredewold is, as a matter of fact, a bicyclist and white, was very successful in Freund. For a good year, they made a similar fate. Then, the 19-year-old was run over during a training drive by a truck and had only survived with much luck.

UCI on duty

The culprit for the accident is quickly killed: the international cycling association UCI. Did the UCI really conscience the health of Maas on the conscience?

The car, which was involved in the collision, could never and should not find the road on the race track. Normally, the streets are blocked off in a professional cycling race and it is only necessary to be allowed by the organizers on the road during racing. In this case, it just got an uninterrupted car on the actually blocked off lane.

The sloppy road fuse makes for bad purchases. "It was not the only car that found the road on the track," said Jake Stewart, who for the Groupama-FDJ Continental team is disputing the race. He therefore appeals directly to the UCI: "Listen, finally, to worry about the insane rule and also dedicate to the safety of the racing driver instead!" This appeal also joins Maas' team. "We are further demanding that UCI invest it, invest all your time and resources therein, to secure the teams and their vehicles in one race, with the highest possible security."

Words that appear at UCI. The cycling association has announced, after tragic incidents of the last month, to review the safety guidelines. Measures will be taken next season to improve driver safety.

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