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Race scandal in Ukraine: Taison fights back and looks red

The Brazilian Dentinho also left the field in tears. Screenshot: twitter

Tears after racism incident in Ukraine – judge's reaction is speechless

Yesterday Ukraine's top match between Dynamo Kiev and Schachtar Donetsk – but the game is overshadowed by racist incidents. After repeated racial insults from the onlookers, Shashar's Brazilian Taison had enough: he took the ball and shot him in the direction of the fan curve, showing the racist his middle finger.

The referee then canceled the match ̵

1; which is foreseen in UEFA's three-step protocol – and initiated a stadium announcement.

Similar shots came from Italy last week:

When the players returned to the pitch, before the game resumed, the referee showed Taison the red card for his act and immediately sent him back to the cabin, the Brazilian ran crying from the field.

In a statement, Schachtar commented after the game about the incident and condemned the fan behavior:

"FC Shakhtar categorically rejects all forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. There can be no justification for those who offend because of their skin color, their religious or political beliefs. Such behavior is unacceptable in civilized countries and football championships. UEFA applies the strictest sanctions on clubs and associations whose fans show racism in matches. FC Shakhtar is a big football family causing pain and disappointment to such incidents. "We condemn public behavior, we will always support and protect our players. We urge football authorities and clubs to stop racism in the arenas."

source: shakhtar.com

Shakhtar coach Luis Castro praised the pros for their behavior at field. "I want to support everyone who suffers of racism and the boys affected today. Any form of racism is unacceptable. We have to fight it together – every day, every minute and every second, "the Portuguese quoted after the match.

Fans of Dynamo Kiev not only gave up insults. Already at the beginning of the game they produced stickers with the inscription" Yes to racism . "


Concerts against racism in Chemnitz

Striker leaves the field in protest against racism

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