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"Queen's Speech" to launch Brexit Showdown – News International: Europe

At dinner, Queen Elizabeth read the government statement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The British head of state opened Parliament's session with the speech held by a faithful in the House of Lords chamber. The Queen's speech is always written by the government – this time Johnson's plans were sketched after Brexit .

The statement is packed with concessions on all sides. His government wants to work with all parties in Ireland, Johnson writes. Below is a long list of legislative changes affecting all areas. Foreign trade should be strengthened and flourished in a spirit of mutual respect.

The government is also concentrating its attention on combating crime. Should citizens' confidence in those in law enforcement be strengthened. Serious criminals are forced to seek longer prison sentences. However, the government also wanted to make efforts to reintroduce criminals into society after successful punishment.

Pensions are also intended to strengthen Johnson's government, as well as the health care system, including mental health institutions. "My government wants to reform health care," the queen continued. The pension funds should be strengthened as much as the national transport infrastructure. So Johnson announces a railroad reform.

For the first time "green laws"

The police also want to strengthen the government. And millions of Britons will get fast internet connections.

Johnson also wants to hand in divorce. So the negative effects of divorce should be mitigated. No concrete measures were mentioned.

Decisions that would affect people locally should also be made locally during his administration, the Queen quotes PM.

"My ministers have committed to protecting and improving the environment ̵

1; for generations to come." Johnson's green agenda makes people sit up and pick up: for the first time, environmental laws are enshrined in the law.

To improve air and water quality and the problem of plastic debris is eliminated. Habitats should be changed, "so that animals and plants can flourish."

The Queen's reading followed Johnson visibly attentively. He always smiled a little.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson follows the reading of his speech by the Queen. Image: UK Parliament

The speech will now be followed by a multi-day debate and votes on the speech. As Brexit negotiations are still ongoing, new details are likely to be included in political statements.

"The Queen's speech as a single campaign measure"

The government's statement, read by the Queen, is usually only a new legislative period. What is unusual is that behind this statement from the government lies a government that did not come out of a lower house election that has no majority and who has so far lost no vote.

Because Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to rid himself of this situation as quickly as possible through new elections, the Opposition has accused them of abusing the Queen's speech as a mere election campaign – as a proclamation of their personal election program.

Tired glances to Brussels

It seems that "Sunday Times puts it all" on the lead. "Whether the next few days will come to an exit agreement for London depends not least on how far ahead of the Premier Johnson is prepared to move away from his original ideas, which have faced rejection from the EU.

Britten is a historical Week Before From "Queen's Speech" to "Super Saturday": The Most Important Questions and Answers to British Destiny Week

Finance Minister to submit budget after Brexit shortly after one week [19659004] British Finance Minister Sajid Javid plans to present his first budget after Brexit on November 6, it would be just one week after Britain's planned exit from the European Union on October 31. He would submit to the government a plan to suspend the economy for the future and launch the "Infrastructure Revolution," J avid monday

Should there be an exit without an agreement with the EU "The government will act quickly to support the domestic economy, businesses and households," said the finance minister.

Johnson wants his country to leave the EU on October 31, if needed without an agreement. In the coming days, the Brexit negotiations are going full speed, but will still receive a regulated Brexit. According to the Sunday Times, discussions are scheduled between Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, France's President Emmanuel Macron and outgoing EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker during the Monday month.

The details of a divorce agreement will be discussed at the EU summit on Enades on Thursday and Friday in Brussels before the British Parliament votes on the next Saturday.

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