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Queen Elizabeth II reveals her fashion secrets for the first time

She runs Shoes of the Queen: Angela Kelly (51) has been a stylist since 2002 in the service of Her Majesty. She is responsible for the appearance of Elizabeth II (93), she comes very close to the Queen. Now, the stylist in the book "The Other Side of the Coin" is talking for the first time from the royal seambox – with the Queen's blessing. Here are the most exciting and witty anecdotes from it.

Shoe print

The queen also takes care of 93 meetings each year. More importantly, the feet do not hurt. Rumor has circulated in the press for a long time that a footman enters the royal shoes. "This is me," Angela Kelly reveals. "The Queen has very little time for herself and to go into her own shoes. Since we have the same shoe size, this is the most meaningful one."

EU hat

According to the Constitution, the Queen may not comment on political issues, is on accessories. Especially in the selection of brochures are hidden messages. But a blue and yellow hat also attracted attention in 2017. Since this is also the EU's colors, it was suspected considering the impending Brexit as a commitment to Europe. "It was a coincidence," Kelly points out.


Anyone who thinks the queen is surrounded by an entourage of make-up and hair experts is fooling herself. Elizabeth II makes up every day. The only exception is the Christmas Deals on Christmas Eve, which is broadcast on British television at 15 and watched by more than six million people. Kelly: "It may come as a surprise, but this is the only time of the year when Her Majesty does not put on her make-up herself."

The Misuse of Gaming

Every year when the horse lover visits the Royal Ascot Race Hundreds of thousands of British pounds invest in the color of the Queen's outfit. To keep it secret, Windsor's three hats are issued as "lure colors" just to prevent insider tips from going out to bookies. Kelly and the Queen then decide on a completely different look – behind closed doors.

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