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Publicitas files for bankruptcy | NZZ

Advertiser Marketer Publicitas is at the end. The company employs around 270 people in Switzerland.

Rainer Stadler

  (Image: Walter Bieri / Keystone)

(Image: Walter Bieri / Keystone) [19659006] An old institution of the Swiss press approaches its final. On Friday, Publicitas filed for bankruptcy with the District Court. Short-term attempts to renovate the advertising agent have failed. A week ago, the company had applied for a provisional moratorium.

The crisis became clear when Tamedia announced on April 24 that it had stopped working with Publicitas and urged its customers who had published on Publicitas to pay the amounts directly to Tamedia. The action by Zurich's media companies triggered a chain reaction. Other publishers also announced their cooperation with Publicitas, which made their financial situation worse.

The recruitment agency has long been in trouble, which is due in part to the structural change. In the core area, as in the case of all other publishers, the press market is facing strong decline in advertising investment, which had a negative impact on Commission commission. Due to their financial difficulties, some publishers have already written down millions in the past year. In view of this situation, the press houses were reluctant to respond to Publicita's proposal for participation in the company. Rather, they announced at the end of April as an alternative to starting their own advertising company, which will be limited to ads processing.

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