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Protect sensitive and allergic skin

Expert tips: How to protect allergic skin from mosquitoes

Mugs can become very cumbersome. The small insects are not dangerous, but your stiches often itch at the same time. But who keeps the unpleasant bloodsucker at a distance? Health experts have some tips on how to protect against the plague.

At times, well-known home remedies do not come from

In many regions of Germany, there is now a regular mosquito invasion. The little insects are not only annoying, but worry through your stitches as well for itchy skin reactions. With the help of small bloodsuckers through Hausmittel can be kept away from mosquitoes. Yet often essential oils, herbs and co. not good enough. Then it can be advisable to retrieve products from the trade. Experts have some tips for this.

 Mücke establishes a human skin
Mückenstiche often itches for a long time. Particularly of persons with sensitive and allergic skin, an effective and well-protected protection is sought. (Image: claffra / fotolia.com)

Well-tolerated mosquito protection is asked

As the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) writes on its website, especially people with sensitive and allergic skin will be a hyperreactive respiratory system and good reliable protection.

Where contact allergies lead to fragrances or hyperreagible airways, products that are fragrance-free are recommended

The product should be equally reliable at the same time

. The range of fragrance-free antimicrobial agents is limited but also the recognition of fragrance-free products is not straightforward. Manufacturers of insect repellents requested.

Three Mitte l come out without fragrances

According to the experts, there are currently three products for insect repellents that come out without fragrances: two NOBITE products as well as "Autan Junior Mückenschutz".

The claims follow in the "NOBITE Skin Sensitive" as well as the "Autan Junior Müchenschutz" of the Icaridin (Saltidin®) active ingredient Picaridin for use, which is relatively good and has little traveling effects on eyes and mucous membranes. Ingredient: the "NOBITE Skin Spray".

DEET (Diethyltoluamide) is particularly effective against mosquitoes and signs, can travel in eyes and mucous membranes, in susceptible people may require allergic reactions.

Also, the right dress can

The DAAB has put together some tips for furniture protection:

Basically, one targeted application It is still recommended that they be needed.

The product should be carried on a large scale. Contact with eyes and lips as well as possible wounds should be avoided. If simultaneous sun protection is also important, sun protection equipment should be worn first and then wearing protective clothing. Other fabrics are no obstacle to mosquitoes.

An effective protection for mosquitoes in interiors is the exclusion of pestilences by affixing mosquito nets to airborne flying grids in windows and in the night before

. geeignet. In the trade there are special networks equipped with abcess equipment. However, according to DAAB, there is no information on their effectiveness or even potential health risks. (Ad)

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