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Pontonian recruits find a kilo of marijuana

Swiss pontoon recruits found a kilo of marijuana last week. They found finding in a river in the Aargau army confirming the event.

There is currently a video that circulates online and shows pretty surprised recruits. Cause: They found a kilo of marijuana in Aare near Brugg AG.

The young men seem to be pretty lost. One of them contacts the lawyer's lieutenant via radio: "The other watercraft has found a kilo of marijuana – and they don't know what to do".

Lieutenant can hardly believe what he is told. Therefore, the recruiter must repeat again.

Where are kilos of marijuana now?

The army confirms the incident: "Marijuana was found last week and handed over to the regional policy Brugg" Media spokesman Daniel Reist says to look. However, it was unclear how difficult the package was – the recruits did not refuse it. The fund's sales value is expected to be between FRF 8,000-10,000.

It is still unclear whether all marijuana ends up in the police. At the end of the video, the recruits say, "Chum, take a look at us!" (Take another piece).

The recruits are pontooners of the genius school Brugg AG, so one can well talk about the Swiss "Navy". Most are on Aare with their boats, sometimes on Reuss.

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