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Philips launches more screens for players

Philips has expanded its range of monitors. As the Philips MMD trademark licensing partner announces, the E-Series screens were specifically designed for gamers. The brand especially wants to appeal to younger consumers, ie. generations Y and Z. The 242E1GAJ model has a screen diagonal of 23.8 inches (60.5 centimeters). 272E1GAJ is 27.6 centimeters long.

Both screens display content in 16: 9 format and in full HD. According to MMD, the viewing angle is 178 degrees. The screens are also equipped with two stereo speakers. MMD emphasizes the 1

44 Hertz refresh rate as an interesting feature for gamers. This ensures that the representations – especially in action-packed game moments – flow smoothly into each other and there is no jerk.

Sharp images and alert eyes

The fast response time for film (MPRT) of 1 millisecond ensures sharp, accurate images without smudge or blur. The monitors are also equipped with AMD Free Sync. The technology is there to prevent tearing and killing.

The larger of the two models: 272E1GAJ (Source: MMD)

According to Philips, they have also thought of players who like to sit in front of the screen for a long time. 242E1GAJ and 272E1GAJ have a low blue mode and the so-called “Flicker Free” technology. Both should protect the eyes from tiring.

242E1GAJ is now available at a price of 199 CHF. 272E1GAJ will be available from mid-October for 239 francs.

Recently, Philips introduced a super-wide curved display with a 32: 9 aspect ratio. The 498P9 model is primarily intended for the office.

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