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Paolo Ciabatti (Ducati): “Yamaha has to explain everything”

The Yamaha MotoGP management is watching the first two MotoGP events in Jerez with a crying and laughing eye. On the one hand, two double victories were celebrated by Fabio Quartararo and Maverick Viñales. In Andalusia, GP Rossi even performed the Yamaha trick.

But at the same time, the three engine faults such as Rossi (in race 1), Morbidelli (in race 2) and Viñales (FP3 on July 25) drove the lines of concern for Yamaha’s engineers. Meanwhile, the engines have been taken out of allocation, it was the only way they could be dismantled and carefully examined in the Hamamatsu plant.

A certain engine part is now suspected to have caused the defect. It should now be replaced. As Viñales has already sealed the fifth engine and Rossi, Morbidelli and Quartararo have already started using the fourth engine (maximum five are allowed per season and driver), Yamaha requires the approval of MSMA colleagues from Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, KTM and Aprilia.

Safety aspects can be stated if a manufacturer wants permission from colleagues from Motorcycle Motorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association to change parts.

The competition is not very willing to make such a concession. “Actually, nothing can be exchanged for sealed motors. In this case, safety is not a problem, says KTM Race Manager Mike Leitner.

The members of MSMA presented themselves in 201

9 after the scandal due to the controversial back wing of Ducati as a hopelessly disputed gang. There was no more MSMA meeting for the entire year thereafter. Suzuki, Honda, KTM and Aprilia were known to have protested Ducati’s Qatar GP results at the time. Because it was assumed that this ominous rear spoiler served the “ground effect” and not the cooling of the rear tire.

But after a lot of back and forth, Ducati had to keep 1st and 6th place (Dovizioso and Petrucci).

Yamaha was the only facility that did not participate in the protest because they had used a similar aerodynamic aid at the Valencia GP, but only in the rain – as a “water repellent”.

Ducati sports director Paolo Ciabatti said in an interview with SPEEDWEEK.com that you must be well informed before you can let Yamaha open the engines and replace the suspicious part.

The MSMA regulations state that you must deliver the best possible work at the time of homologation of the ‘engine specification’. If you have the engines sealed, you should be convinced that the reliability and performance are right. However, a defective engine part may be produced somewhere in the supply chain. I do not know about the Yamaha problem. But the regulations are very simple: When it comes to reliability and if it can be proven to MSMA members that this exchange or this update should be allowed, they agree. But the reason must definitely be related to reliability and not to an increase in engine performance. In addition, the conditions must be laid very clearly on the table. All backgrounds must be clearly displayed. “

At the Moto3 World Championship, such changes have already been allowed in the past on Mahindra, Peugeot, Honda and Yamaha. It was about valve springs and gears.

Ciabatti emphasizes that the situation in MotoGP is very different. “It is a sensitive issue. Because Quartararo leads the championship before Viñales, and obviously all Yamaha riders are hardly after the second Grand Prix. The other manufacturers need to have a clear understanding of what is causing the problem. Then a decision can be made. “

Ducati pays a lot of money for the competitions in Brno and Spielberg, for the world champion Marc Márquez will probably be missing until Misano (September 13).

With Dovizioso, Ducati has only reached places 3 and 6. Now the situation on Honda should finally be used. If there are also stability problems at Yamaha, the chances for Ducati increase.

«The situation in MotoGP can not be compared with Moto3 then. Because the brand that now has problems leads the world championship », Ciabatti points out. “That is why the other manufacturers want to understand clearly what the situation is like. That is what has been decided. Stability and security are our number 1 priorities. But we can not give advice until we understand what is happening on Yamaha. We are therefore currently waiting. »

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