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Off for Pixel 4 in USA – sales in Germany

Google has stopped selling its flagship Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones in the United States. The Android developer is thus burying its devices from 2019 before the market launch of Pixel 4a, 4a 5G and Pixel 5, all of which are expected in October. In Germany, they are sold well below the sales price.

After just nine and a half months, Google buried its Pixel 4 models (test). The devices were unveiled in October 201

9 and will be sold in the US Google Store. Google has confirmed the end of sales to US media. So far, only one variant has disappeared in German stores.

Pixel 4 shorter than its predecessor for sale

Google Pixel 4. (Photo: t3n)

Google Pixel 4. (Photo: t3n)

“The Google Store is here to stay [in den USA] sold out and the sale of Pixel 4 [und] 4 XL completed, ”a Google spokesman told The Verge. For people who are still interested in Pixel 4 [und] 4 XL, the product is available from some partners as long as stock lasts. Like all Pixel devices, the Pixel 4 will continue to receive software and security updates for at least three years after it is sold in the United States, Google continues.

Compared to Pixel 2 and 3, which sold for about 18 months in the Google Store, the Pixel 4 had an unusually short lifespan. A specific reason for the premature end was not announced. It’s obvious if the Pixel 4 series also applies to the German or European market, but almost all versions are available in the local Google Store except the white 4 XL. According to Google Germany, there is still no information about the end of the sale, explains Google Press spokesman Alexander Bressel. There are definitely differences between the two markets. The fact that the end of the 4 Series is approaching in this country is still indicated by the sales campaign in the Google Store: The devices are reduced by an average of 200 euros, which means that a Pixel 4 only costs 530 euros instead of 730.

Google Store Pixel 4 XL

Many variants of the Pixel 4 are still available in the German Google Store. (Screenshot: t3n)

Pixel 4 is coming to an end, Pixel 4a is only available in October

Google Pixel 4a vs. Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4a (links) vs Pixel 4. (Photo: t3n)

Whether the early end of the Pixel 4 models in the US is related to the corona pandemic, which affects both Google’s hardware division and the industry as a whole, can only be speculated. However, it is known that Pixel 4a (the test) was presented much later than planned – it was originally intended to appear in May. The current bottlenecks are also clarified by the market launch of Pixel 4a for Europe, which has been postponed for six weeks: In the US, the newly introduced mid-range smartphone will be available from 20 August in Europe from 1 October.

Pixel 5 is expected to arrive on October 8

Pixel 5 is expected to arrive on October 8 – says at least one blog post from Google France. (Screenshot: t3n, via 9to5Google)

Google may be trying to save its resources by phasing out the Pixel 4 models to be ready for the launch of the new products. In addition to Pixel 4a, the company has already confirmed Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, which according to a blog post from Google France that has now been removed should be available from October 8.

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