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No observer sent: Swiss elections were not controlled

Always friendly: Thus elected in Appenzell of the National Council in 1971. Image: PHOTOPRESS ARCHIVE

No observer sent: Swiss elections were not controlled

The OSCE attests to "high mass and confidence in the Wahlprozess ». She waits for election observers in Switzerland at this time.

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Were election ballots manipulated? Can the voice counter at rest do your work? And do you even receive voices by letter? Selects a country, mostly international observers.

Also observant elections since 2007 have been monitored by experts from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). You belong to 57 states from Europe, North America and Asia. Convenient for election observation and democratic institutions is the human rights office Odhir with its seat in Warsaw.

The election observers arrive seven days before an election in the country, are divided into small teams and then visit up to 20 election offices each. The observer delegations usually consist of parliamentarians and diplomats of various states.

During the Second World War: An Urnang in the year 1


You can check if you want to see if you can No voting room is available for voting booths and whether procedures such as the preferred letter choice function smoothly. Ebenso they talk to politicians, voters and scientists. It applies: The more irregularities are expected, the more the observer sends the OSCE.

The Swiss elections were not yet observed at the Odhir office. Because of the Federal Council, Odhir had always been invited. And after some extensive business analysis, the organization spoke out for an "Election Assessment Mission"; a small mission that does not investigate the whole process, but only aspects of the electoral process.

30 electoral terms in one year

«Since there is a high mass and confidence in the electoral process in Switzerland and by 2019 full voting calendar, we have finally decided against any election observation in Switzerland, "explains Odhir spokeswoman Katya Andrusz on request.

At Spitalacker-Schulhaus in Bern, after closing of the ballroom, the urns were closed, sealed and transported. October 25, 1959. Image: PHOTOPRESS ARCHIVE

In fact, the citizens and citizens of this year many places in the world were called to the urns. The Odhir electoral calendar lists 30 electoral terms. Financially, staff were only available with limited resources, Andrusz said.

"We have to weigh this background constantly, where we can move most." The speaker emphasizes: Perfect elections are now only once, "and beyond also gives details in Switzerland that could be improved during the election process. "

Election observers criticize Political financing

After the last three elections, the electoral observers in Switzerland used each one. They would have been able to acquire this knowledge, which, in support of younger democracies, said, it was in 2011. In the year 2015, the election observers placed their focus on the pilot attempts with the electronic voting system, which included the foreign Swiss in four cantons Geneva and Neuenburg were able to take part.

The experts were there when the electronic ballots were opened and the votes were counted. Those pilot attempts appear to be carried out professionally, the election observers stated in their final report. They speak of a "high mass and confidence in the integrity of voting electronics". Nevertheless, some weaknesses have emerged, notably in the transparency and so-called interoperability of the systems.

The observers pleaded for a helpful, step-by-step introduction of E-Voting – in a cautious way, if one so desired. After the two prevailing systems, several gaps were discovered, according to the Federal Council most recently, e-voting was not allowed to allow for a proper voting channel.

For the OSCE experts provided the OSCE experts in addition to the election campaign funding. They criticized Switzerland's repeal for lack of transparency with party donations. Any allies, companies or individuals who donate a lot of money to parties or candidates will remain in the dark.

Switzerland therefore has no disclosure obligations. Otherwise, but there was a lot of praise. Deeply rooted, lively and pluralistic said this fierce democracy. Or who was an election observer once in the "Daylighting": "It is good to see who is truly pleased the people here with their system." (Aargauerzeitung.ch)

We have interviewed the election posters …

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