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No new delivery restrictions for the Swatch group

Swatch manager Nick Hayek (65) can be satisfied: The Competition Commission (WEKO) decides in his favor and does not impose any new delivery obligations for the subsidiary ETA. ETA manufactures mechanical movements. With today’s decision, ETA no longer has a general obligation to deliver and the company is free to provide selected third-party customers with clockwork in the future, according to Weko.

In 2013, Weko decided that ETA must deliver a certain amount of mechanical movements to its customers by the end of 2019. After that, there should be no delivery obligation. This would give customers enough time to look for other suppliers. With this approach, Weko also wanted to create incentives so that competitors could develop in the market for mechanical clock movements. This succeeded in isolated cases, for example in the case of the Jurassic movement production Sellita.

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