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No Duchess Kate at Meghan Markles Baby Shower

Duchess Meghan had a good time in New York the last few days and gathered his friends around her. Her sister-in-law, Kate, did not come up with the babyshow.

New York Journey of Duchess Meghan (37) reached his climax yesterday on the last day of the trip: in luxury luxury El Mark celebrated it pregnant wife of prince Harry (34) their baby shows. At the American custom friends from the expected mother meet and give their children's clothes and toys. And the organizers Selena Williams (37) and Amal Clooney (41) did not give a damn.

Above all, the famous guests had everything. The expectations of the expected paparazzi and royal fans were fully met. Thus, the entrance to the hotel became almost a red carpet – which especially hosted Amal Clooney glamor lent. The lawyer appeared in gold-high heels and a red silk suit and drew everyone's attention. Celebrity stylist Jessica Mulroney (39), designer Misha Nonoo, Megan's "Suits" colleague Abigail Spencer (37) and news anchor Gayle King (64) were also present. But Megan's mother Doria (62) was not in New York – and another absence falls on royal fans: Duchess Kate (37) lacked any trace, as "Sun" reported Meghan's son-in-law went on a ski vacation. Previously, there were headlines over and over again that the two duchesses could not stand each other.

CHF 654,000 for child celebration

Soon after baby shower, Meghan went to the airport. The ex-actress flew back to London with a private jet. It is concluded that a city trip is difficult to beat for extravagance. For example, the Daily Mail estimated that the New York trip cost Meghan, including $ 320,000 for the private flight, about $ 654,000. The British taxpayer can breathe relief relief, as Kensington Palace confirms, the trip was "privately funded". The two Penthouse suites for the Babies (about 80,000 francs) are also said to have been hired by Amal Clooney and Selena Williams for the Duchess. And sometimes you just have to treat yourself. (klm)

Meghan Markle + Prince Harry

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On May 19, 2018, American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of Wales married. But who is the woman who conquered Royal's heart? In Newsticker for Meghan Markle, we keep you updated on the Duchess's moving life.

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