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NLA: Friborg-Gottéron counters the offer of the EHC Biel for Reto Berra

Reto Berra still wants to decide before the season starts where he will play next year. Image: KEYSTONE

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Works on Reto Berra: Gottéron countered Biel with a four-year offer

Biel bridges Toro Retra Berra with a lucrative multi-year contract. Now, Gottéron's sports director Christian Dubé has responded.

This season Reto Berra (32) is still at Gottéron das Tor. Where do you see it next spring?

Biel's Sports Manager Martin Steinegger has officially confirmed that he has offered Reto Berra a lucrative multi-year contract. Certain gunmen are four years old.

Gottéron's sports director Christian Dubé officially confirms that he has made a bid for a more senior year, according to Torhüter: "We offer a new four-year contract." And he says: "But he has more Quotations… »

You may vote. Many may be interested, but you can actually find Reto Berra just from Gottéron, Biel, the ZSC Lions, the SCB and Lugano. Lausanne and Zug also had the necessary transfer dress money ̵

1; but according to the obligations of Tobias Stephan and the like. Leonardo Genoni has no need for the Torhüter position.

When it comes to the 2013 and 2018 World Cup silver heroes as well, to capitalize on his talent and to put it aside for the old days. Unlike Mark Streit, Martin Gerber or Jonas Hiller, he could not have heard in the NHL two-digit dollar millions. In total, in the five years in North America, he made more than $ 5 million and half of that in the United States and Canada was taxed to the state.

The new and very last treaty must be bestowed and obeyed for the best of his career. With cool poker being 2.5 million for four years possible.

Christian Dubé and Martin Steinegger fight for Goalie Reto Berra. Image: keystone

Actually, the ZSC Lions must also be interested in retrieving their junior. A goalie duo Lukas Flüeler / Reto Berra would be a luxury – though Lukas Flüeler's injury inconvenience would make this luxury out of the way. Aber ZSC Sports Manager Sven Leuenberger said on the question whether he had any offers submitted: "No."

Even SCB Sports Manager Alex Chatelain does not offer me. He says: "We have made no offer to Reto Berra."

Thus, in the days of "Eidgenössischen", she draws a "conclusion" between Gottéron's sports director Christian Dubé (183 cm / 80 kg) and Biel's sports director Martin Steinegger (187 cm / 92 kg) ab. Wobei sometimes won at a swing party and one that was not close (Lugano). From the post office here, Steinegger is in the forefront – but in this case it is rather on the gram than on the kilogram.

Who covers Reto Berra with money as the only Sepp Blatter in FIFA Congress?

One million francs in a thousand notes weighs 1.14 kilos. And in this case, there are also more than one thousand notes on the scale that can be laid.

Reto Berra will decide before the season starts (September 13).

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