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Nintendo Switch Lite: The Game Boy I wish I had had as a kid

The Switch Lite is the near-perfect Game Boy that I wanted as a kid

Nintendo had a new console at launch. The Switch Lite is a purely portable gaming console, completely in the tradition of the legendary Game Boy for 30 years. But need it so was 2019 yet? The test shows it.

With the Switch, a mix of handheld, tablet and home console, Nintendo had hit black for two years. The Hybrid Console has sold around 42 million times so far. For starters, I wrote that the Switch was "the most innovative gaming console I ever tested". It was also still signed today, but for many years I have not had much fun with a gaming console. It's not primarily in hardware, but in the versatile and high-quality game selection.

At the end of September, Nintendo left with the Switch Lite. This is a compact model of the hit console, which only supports the handheld mode. The Switch Lite runs all Switch games that support handheld mode. On the other hand, this is true: Whenever you want to hook up to the TV, the "normal" switch is imperative.

I was able to test Switch Lite in the last few weeks. Here are the most important findings.

The Switch Lite is a smaller, lighter and more favorable Switch that cannot be connected to a TV.

Above: The new Switch Lite. Below: The original switch, which can be used mobile and by TV dock on the TV. Image: watson

I have obtained a dark gray model for testing. They are also available in yellow and turquoise.

image: the verge

For the launch of "Pokémon Sword and Shield" on November 1

5, it also gives a limited version in the design of Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta (light gray). In trade, prices move between 220 and 270 francs. The sophisticated, larger Switch with additional TV mode offers it from 300 francs.

The Switch Lite is a modern Game Boy, with the on-board home console games also playing on the go. No more, no less.

The Switch Lite has been trading for a few weeks. In just the last ten sales days, Nintendo was able to sell 1.95 million devices. Image: watson

Unlike the original switch, the Lite model is almost the Game Boy of the Year 2019. Of course, you could also normal switch says, but the Lite version is significantly lighter and more compact, mobile speaking.

Game modes Switch vs. Switch Lite

screenshot: nintendo

With the new Switch Lite, the small controller (Joy Cons) can not be removed from the tablet anymore and the Lite model does not read into the TV dock of the original switch. You also have to give up on the IR motion camera and HD vibration. Damit is already saying that this purely mobile usable Switch is not a full-fledged alternative to the better Switch.

The Switch Lite is not significantly lighter than the Switch …

Instead of 398 grams (Switch), the Switch Lite only brings 275 grams on the scale. Bild: watson

… she fits in the Hosentasche (yes, fast).

bild: watson

The dimensions:

  • Length: 20.8 cm [19659026] Width: 9.1 cm
  • Thickness: 1.4 cm

Prepare the original switch – at least for adults – light enough to play longer. As an on-console console, it is often too big and clumsy for many. In the last two and a half years, I have not been allowed to use 99 percent as a stationary home console on TV. This lack of Nintendo had messed with the Switch Lite. The smaller Lite version is 100 percent a handheld that can also be held by children over longer times.

For children hands – and children are undoubtedly the targeted target group – the shriveled switch is therefore ideal. For larger hands, the handheld could be fixed to small ones. At least we regularly squeeze the hands, too, because the right analog stick is just as badly placed as it was on the big switch.

The device's button is almost identical to the original switch, but there is now a control cross instead of the four knobs .

Image: watson

Nintendo has noticeably improved the shoulder keys. The entire console including buttons and analog sticks feels more valuable.

image: watson

The performance is comparable to the normal switch. The graphic does not recognize any significant difference.

Image: watson

The Switch Lite can lay its own bed and benefit from the switch's huge game offering.

image: watson

Games like "The Witcher 3", "Super Mario Odyssey" or "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" with the usual Switch graphics on a purebred handheld. Even if I personally am not a handheld fan at all, I have to say: It already was!

Clearly, those games are by far massively expensive than typical Mobile Games, which is why the quality and the feel of games on the Lite are also better on the worlds . Best example of this is "Mario Kart 8" on the Switch Lite vs. "Mario Kart Tour" for smartphones. While on the Nintendo console you pay around 60 francs for "Mario Kart" once, it is for mobile phones "free". The smartphone version is worse off in the world and the player is constantly attracted to in-app purchases. The Switch version is in every respect the better game.

Not just the console, but the display has shrunk from 6.2 by 5.5 inches (14 cm). Micha personally does not disturb this at all, it was not accidental to me at first.

Image: watson

Both displays have the same resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). At the Switch Lite, the colors are warmer and brighter.

Image: watson

The differences are not large and actually fall only in direct comparison. Whether you like cooler or warm colors is a taste thing. Was valid for the Switch, applies to the smaller Lite display, etc.: The image works despite a modest 720p resolution.

It is disturbing to me that Nintendo has violated the automatic brightness regulation of the Switch Lite.

Image : watson

The LCD display is actually quite bright, with direct sunlight it reflects very strongly.

The Switch Lite supports all Switch Games that have a handheld mode. These are the very last Games, but …

picture: watson

The most switch games have a TV and handheld mode. However, there are a few prominent exceptions, such as the dance game "Just Dance" or Nintendo's Party Kracher "Super Mario Party". Such motion games belong on the big TV screen and need the Joy-Cons, say removable controllers, which had to be discontinued. This is not possible with the Switch Lite.

Whether a game offers the handheld mode, one looks at the packaging and in the eShop. If you try to buy "Super Mario Party" on Switch Lite, a warning appears.

Nintendo writes here:

«If a Joy-Con game features like HD vibration, IR motion camera or Joy-Con motion control, some gaming features when playing on Nintendo Switch Lite are not available Verfügung. For this, you need the Joy-Con Controller (separately available). »


Alternatively, you can connect the separately obtainable Joy-Con controller or Nintendo Pro Controller wirelessly with the Switch Lite, (to play games, which do not support handheld mode).

Nintendo has been supporting the backrests on the back side. Playing in table mode is still possible, but cumbersome. Image: watson

If you connect the separately available Joy-Con controller of the normal switch with the switch Lite, you can theoretically play any game. The Switch Lite is almost like the mini TV on the desk. With the shrunken display and without the supports of the normal switch makes the very low sense.

Nintendo still speaks of a battery life of three to seven hours. I would say four hours is realistic.

picture: watson

Nintendo has not only shrunk the console and the display, but also the battery (was weight saving). As the new processor obviously works with power savers, the battery nevertheless lasts at least as long, earlier, as with the original switch. Nintendo provides the battery life at Switch Lite with three to seven hours and, realistically, four. In general, it depends heavily on the game and the selected display brightness. By comparison: With the original switch, the battery lasts for 2.5 to a maximum of five hours. Since August 2019, Nintendo has been selling a revised version of the normal switch with significantly better battery life (4.5 to 9 hours) since August 2019. The revised Switch thus has more endurance than the new Switch Lite.

On the obverse are the power button, loudspeaker controls and headphone jack.

bild: watson

The Games use the same memory cards as the normal switch …

bild: watson [19659009] … and were entered at some point above the screen.

Image: watson

For the portable Switch Lite, memory cards naturally make sense. Alternatively, you can download games as usual from the Nintendo eShop. Games purchased / downloaded for the normal Switch are also running on the Switch Lite, however, they can only be played simultaneously on one console at a time (later, however, more).

On the subwoofer you will find the single for the Switch MicroSD memory card – and you will need it soon!

Image: watson

The Switch Lite has free 32 GB of internal storage. Of course, the real (like the Switch) is nowhere to be played when frequent games are played. It is best to buy a large MicroSD card at the same time, especially since prices have dropped sharply in the last few years.

On the underside you will find it besides the USB-C connection. This is another half-hour of battery life.

image: watson

It will be difficult if you use Switch and Switch Lite in parallel. By default, the Lite is the second console and thus has no Internet connection problems.

image: watson

The reason: As a second console, you must connect the Switch Lite to the Internet shortly at any game start to see if the game is running

Image: watson

When you use two switch consoles with the same Nintendo account, you usually play games on one device at the same time. This is why the online test is used if the software is needed (however, give or take a trick on how to start the same eShop game on both consoles).

Underway without WLAN, the test process seems natural. In this case, downloaded games will not start. It is said that one makes a hotspot on the phone shortly.

image: watson

This problem reads to turn around luck, by defining Switch Lite in the user account as the main console. This is how you can also play without an Internet connection.

Tip : In eShop, you read in the user account that you set up Switch Lite as the main console.

Since you have to connect the console at the start of the game briefly to the Internet, it makes sense to make your console the main device that you use on the go. The main console can start downloading games even on the Internet. So if you use the Switch nowhere at home and the Switch Lite along the way, it offers to set the Lite as the main console. If the Switch Lite is the new main console, you can play anywhere and anytime without an internet connection. However, the normal Switch will be used for the console, which now checks at each game start whether these games could be executed. As long as the Switch is constantly connected to the WLAN at home, there are no problems with it.

Of course, with games on memory cards, this problem with main and second console was not.

Nintendo would not be Nintendo, but you would not have another Stolpersteine ​​«invent». Conceivably solved is the synchronization of storage locations.

Image: watson

Many players can synchronize between two consoles online, only with a costly Nintendo Online Abo (28 francs per month or 5.60 francs per month) , which is generally necessary for online games.

Unfortunately, the synchronization of the game stands is far less skillful if you wish to do so. image: nintendo

It was actually very practical to sound, in practice everything is others as user-friendly. Actually, one would expect that these playgrounds were automatically synchronized between two consoles. But why not, if it's too complicated. Online-Spielstände keinesweg were automatically synchronized. Although they were automatically stored in the cloud, they had to be downloaded manually on the other console for each game.

Thus, one pays for online synchronization and still has to manually store and rewrite the memory consoles between the switch consoles.

Never playing online and having no online abo, memory states can also be directly from console to Transfer console.

Attention! The storage locations were not copied, but moved, so they were removed on the output console. »Select. By that time, those memory stands were not copied, without being moved. Therefore, you always have to move it to the console, with the desired play.

Und sonst? Parents can restrict the maximum playing time per app for iOS and Android.

Image: watson

The scope of supply is next to the Switch Lite only containing the charger. Price: Yes to dealers approx. 220 to 270 francs.

Image: watson

Switch and Switch Lite can be loaded with the same charger. However, the Lite cannot be loaded into the TV dock of the Switch. Alternatively, charge both consoles with one USB-C cable. For example, if you have a new Android smartphone, you can charge Switch Lite as well.

The conclusion

Switch or Switch Lite? That decision seems easy: Who can play exclusively on the go, pay for Lite, everyone else to the Switch. The small switch is designed and operated as a handheld and consistently offers no TV mode. That is why it gives the Switch.

Switch vs. Switch Lite

Positive reads say: Nintendo has used the time and Switch Lite missed the fine slip that Swich still misses: Clear, the device is still made of plastic, but the haptic is better, the Lite feels more valuable and in particular the shoulder keys are detectable better. Size and weight are ideal to use on the go. The smaller display (at least to me) hardly stands out, the slight weight seems good. A longer battery life would be desirable for a handheld, but Nintendo decided to reduce the weight significantly (and a larger battery would now be heavier).

Fact is also: It is noted on the console that Nintendo has tried to keep the costs and sometimes the selling price low. The LCD display and the processor are not at the latest state of the art. For a handheld, aimed primarily at the very young target group, this is a logical decision. Parents would hardly buy an expensive handheld, especially abroad. In the US, Nintendo has set the price at $ 199 to position the Switch as a Christmas gift. Decisive for the success of the Lite, the technique will not be said, except for the price and the choice of games.

At least in the games you have to make no worries. Started the Switch with just over 18 games, filled the eShop today. The selection of high-quality exclusive games that you can play on the Switch Lite much like on a home console make up the journey of the handheld. Rounded out is the offer by hundreds or thousands of indie games as well as portions of well-known PC and console games that pave the way on the Switch respectively. Find Switch Lite.

Excerpts from the B-Note provide for the unnecessarily complicated murks with the synchronization of the playing conditions, when using Switch and Switch Lite in parallel. If you have only one Switch (Lite), you can naturally ignore this deficiency.

It speaks for the Switch Lite

  • Weight and size
  • The almost perfect Game Boy that I wanted as a child
  • Given the original switch's improved battery life
  • Minor improvements in control buttons [19659026] Large, versatile game selection
  • Reads everywhere with a USB-C cable
  • More convenient than the normal switch

It speaks today

  • Reads not connect to the TV
  • A few games not compatible
  • Battery time or ever more moderate
  • Small internal storage (Additional cost for MicroSD card)
  • Multiple use as a second console (Online coercion, decent playback synchronization)
  • No folding adjustment 19659124] For "Super Mario" and "Zelda": As Nintendo's favorite tester and light phone builder

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