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New Study: Alcohol overview improves mental health

Many people drink alcohol from "social grounds", for example at work or family celebrations. One glass of wine is estimated to be a little longer, strenuous workstations and other things like beer.

Zahlreiche Menschen fall into the category "light" or "moderate" trinker. However, the habit is really harmless or better, if the Finger of Alcohol were to be welded

Controversy area of ​​defense

Underneath research, the answer is on that question. Zwar is known to have a higher alcohol consumption negatively affecting mental health. However, having a concomitant moderation of tricks on the psyche, most cousin was finished late.

A new study of the University of Hong Kong, published in the trade magazine "Canadian Medical Association Journal", has not known this question and combines it Achievement that the overview on alcohol positively translates into mental health

"There is more evidence that Vorsicht is bothered, moderately moderating Tricks as a healthy nutritional diet", so co-author of study, Dr . Michael Ni, talking to Branchenmagazin 'MedicalNewsToday'

Love the Study ab

In the study, the scientist spent data of 1

0,386 tilnehmern through the "Family Cohort Study" in the HKU. All teens were either moderate drinkers or drinks at all, no alcohol at all.

To the group, people who, before grabbing the bottle, belonged to Leute, who had started with the alcohol consumption, constant drinker, store habit-stranger and lifelong reminder. 19659010] Lesetipp

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