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New Royal Nanny will help Harry and Meghan

A baby does not just mean joy and fulfillment – it also means a lot of work. "srcset =" https://img.blick.ch/incoming/15334468-v2-1558163141582.jpg?imwidth=1000&ratio=FREE&x=0&y=0&width=1724&height=2325 "/>

  • Arrived on May 6, 2019 Little Prince Archie was born, and Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) have had their hands full since. In order to, like some palace initiators in the British media blocker, the couple should have taken care of their son in the first few weeks alone. Only Megan's Mama Doria, 62, who traveled from Los Angeles, is said to have helped the royal couple in the beginning.

    But now there was a new development in Frogmore Castle: as the royal journalist Katie Nicholls in "Entertainment Tonight" reveals that Harry and Meghan have hired a nanny. "I have heard from very safe sources that the new nanny who introduced herself to Sussexes had to sign a big contract," said the British. Understandably, the couple wants to prevent private details about the small archive being published.

    Nanny only works a part-time [19659021] Harry and Meghan can not sit back, because the children according to "Harper's Bazaar" only work part-time and are not available on weekends, otherwise you just know so far that the new baby girl is Britin.

    Nanny Coming to the right moment, because, as "In" reported last week, the house was blessing in the royal dream couple since Archie's birth was wrong, the reason Prince Harry failed to fulfill his promise to take paternity leave. Holland and Rome participated in weddings and horse shows, thanks to the new baby girl, at least not everything is left to hang on Meghan. (Klm) [19659023]
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