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New Generation of Tesla Model S & X im in Herbst? > Teslamag.de

One of your Tesla YouTuberin has new information on some neighboring third generation models. Both electric cars will be able to hold two double-head motors securely, an improved casing, less weight, one new battery design and more roadblocks, as well as additional workmanship, "like Tesla" in a new video. She says she is referring to a person, "she has a bit of a co-operation with Tesla."

In April, there was a smaller update on model S and X with improved hedge engine and overworking airline. In addition, some unofficial, unofficial information is available on a plant preparation of the interiors of both Tesla's flagship models. Demnach should come to this model in the model 3 angular, minimalist interior. Last messages are the Tesla Factory a ready-made preparation for.

The information of "Like Tesla" disclosures has been well thought out. The new Kühls system was thus tested in the Mojave West and in Arizona under extremer Hitze. The battery pack should be "lighter and bigger", an EPA range of more than 400 miles (approx. 640 kilometers) should be reported to the Model S and below the model X,

When it comes to batteries "A beautiful new design", therefore, does not relate to the 21

70 cells of the Model 3, which is similar to Tesla's. Even the bodywork must be finished. On the other hand, the new versions of X and X will be prepared, as the model 3 can fully utilize the new Supercharger Generation V3 of 250 kilowatts, the Tesla of which will expand.

The information is relatively concrete, all of which are used by the YouTuberin In Zusammenhang, this is the same as "potential". As the end of the next generation generation, it is said of "potentially in three quarters of this year". In other posts davon was the reason that in this time the planted interior space plant was planted.

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