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New blood tests should clearly detect disease earlier

One of the worst disorders that humans can experience in the run of the alternatives: Alzheimer's . The disease is noticeable with memory loss, dizzying thinking and an ever-worsening orientation. Researchers have now developed a method to recognize Alzheimer's early.

Alzheimer's is not curable – but with newer method of diagnosing faster

Unfortunately, the disease is, to date, not curable, readily available medication that can alleviate the symptoms for some time. Researchers at the University of Bochum have now developed a new method that can be used to diagnose Alzheimer's faster and better.

Alzheimer breaks out and is recognized much later ̵
1; new method should help

Alzheimer's is a very sick disease, because your pronunciation in the body for the past decade brings out the most visible changes. Bisher could have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's if they had typical plaques in the brain. Already from this time, it is very difficult to reach a disease delay in medicine. It is therefore more important that the disease is as early as possible to recognize in order to counteract with the right drugs at the same time. recognizable.

Alzheimer's: How Diseases Disease – Two Proteins Responsible

For the Disease Disease and the ever-diminishing cognitive abilities of two proteins responsible: amyloid-beta and tau. Amyloid-beta is important for the travel guidance and also has an antibacterial effect. Therefore, the protein must be properly folded in order to fully unfold its effect. In Alzheimer's, nothing works. By doing so, they cleave the egg white and store themselves in the brain.

The tau protein is important for stability, nutrient supply and the communication of various nerve cells. During the disease, the egg white changes chemically. By doing so, it forms itself in the form of Fasern, so-called Tau fibrils, from

New method for early recognition of Alzheimer's – yet it is easily flawed

Researcher of the Ruhr University Bochum, under the guidance of Klaus Gerwert of the teacher for biophysics, we have now developed a new method, with which Alzheimer can recognize up to eight years earlier can be better. By their method, they were able to develop a blood test that recognizes the erroneous folding of the protein amyloid beta. In one test, as many as 71 of the Alzheimer's cases were recognized, however, nine percent of the student participants were falsely diagnosed as positive.

For this reason, the test could not yet be used for clinical use.

In turn, the scientists optimized the procedures and looked at the blood test only for people with a high Alzheimer's risk. In some people the tau protein is also investigated. In both examinations, you are witnessing problems, so your patient is highly susceptible to Alzheimer's.

"Through the combination, both measurements were correctly recognized in our study 89 out of 100 Alzheimer's diseases," explains Klaus Gerwert of the "Frankfurter Rundschau". "We could even reduce the false positive tested health to three out of 100." The second measurement was taken by the team in the nerve water, which was taken to the return mark. Researchers are currently working to find the blood protein with the help of a blood test.

Further information on the topic of Alzheimer's is available on alzheimer-forschung.de

Also this disease often leads to age: hypertension – chocolate, red beet and tea as a remedy?

Hypertension is a common disease in Germany. Side medicines from the pharmacy should also work for many home remedies. Neben Roter Beete and Tea should also have a dark influence on blood pressure.

In this article we have collected tips on how to cure or even prevent Alzheimer's.

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