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Mystery Murder of 1999: Police are looking for Uzi-Killer by Biel-Mett

The Uzi murder in Biel-Mett BE 1999, where a man died (22), is still undissolved. The perpetrators were never caught – until now. Now, with a renewed witness call, the authorities want to capture the murderers 20 years after that fact.

A lukewarm summer evening in Biels Quartier Mett ends for 20 Three masked men storm the living room in the wooden pavilion of the victim family, father, mother and then 14-year-old son watching TV The two sons (then 22 and 23) are in the exit.

The gangsters are unscrupulous One of them puts the dish on his gun in his teenage mouth. Immediately. Or we shoot the son, says the armed man in blunt high German, who "BLICK" was reported at that time.

Son (22) performed by Uzi-Killer

The gangsters with their parents and the 14-year-old are about an hour alone. The uzi trio tie the three with bands. Then the other two sons suddenly appear. The otherwise open door is closed. They pat the door in the hope that their parents will open. The two sons do not know that their parents and their younger brother are being held hostage.

Then the situation escalates suddenly. One of the hostages goes to the window. Without warning he opens fire. The 22-year-old hits the chest. His older brother can escape.

The wounded man is seriously injured in the neighboring house, which is about 50 meters away. But gangsters are in his heels. Uzi the killer fires his weapon again, hits the injured man in the back. The 22-year-old collapses. As in the blood sugar, the killer bends over him. And express twice.

200 people controlled by the police

The Uzi gangsters caught a weapon and various ornaments on the night of June 25, 1999. Then they took the flight. Your DNA was secured on stage. Since Tatnacht, more than 200 people have been checked by the police, questioned or otherwise contacted.

So far, the murder of the then 22-year-old Bieler remains undissolved. The perpetrators could not yet be judged, as the Bernese police and prosecutors told the Bernese Jurassic.

Uzi-Killer trio grabbed the VW Scirocco trip?

Now the police at the 20th anniversary of the brutal crime renewed the witness talk. The authorities also review whether and to what extent links to other felonies exist. DNA tracks that have already been evaluated are continuously reviewed for technological development.

The investigation is also about a suspicious car, a VW Scirocco with Solothurn type plates. This is said to have struck in Tatnacht in Biel and in that should have been three to four people. In the search for the perpetrator, according to the authorities, the crime also plays a crucial role. The police are looking for witnesses who can provide information or assumptions about the perpetrator and the prey. (Row) [19659030]
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