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Murder in Uitikon ZH – passers-by find three bodies in the car near Üetliberg

A 30-year-old German is said to have killed his four-year-old twins and himself. The police are investigating.

A passer-by found the car with the bodies on Monday morning in a wooded area in Uitikon.

A passer-by found the car with the bodies on Monday morning in a forest in Uitikon.

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Bad find in Uitikon: On Monday kShortly after half past six in the morning, a passer-by reported to the operations center in Zurich’s cantonal policy. He had them in the woods in the northr Gemunicipality ediscovered in a parked car. In it leredness body ea 30-year-old German and her two four-year-old daughters. D.i.e. Rescue workers could only determine the death on the spot. This was written by the Zurich cantonal police.

According to previous knowledge goes she Suppose the mother, who lives in Germany, went into Switzerland with the children on Sunday and killed her twins and herself there. According to 20 minutes the car is said to have been found in a forest near the Allmend sports complex, near the city limits of Zurich.

Kapo investigators are in contact with the German authorities, like a spokeswoman says. Since dhe investigation lOpen and the exact circumstances are still unclear, the police provide no further information.

“Can’t remember any comparable incident”

Dwhich is assumed The murder is a shock to the 4600 strong society at the foot of Üetliberg. Üdiker estimate low taxes, stir many Through traffic on. Chris Linder (FDP) has been mayor for four years and has lived in the village for 35 years. He says: “I do not remember any comparable incident. It’s tragic and sad. “

His municipal councilor Patrik Wolf says: “I have a daughter myself. EI do not understand how you can do something similar. “As head of security, he is am Montagmthe organ was informed by the police. There was now much to suggest that the young family happened to be mem byn stayed: the mother was neither known to him nor to the police. “There is currently no connection to Uitikon.”

I byn habe The case has not yet spread. “Many are still on vacation,” Wolf says. Only a few concerned parents would have contacted him. “The police told me there were no signs of violence. So our residents do not risk. “

Memory of several murders in Affoltern am Albis

Not even ten kilometers further southin Affoltern am Albisa similar case occurred a year ago: A 53-year-old man killed his 51-year-old wife and their two sons. An employee of the woman had reported to the police when her colleague did not show up for work. The sons were seven and nine years olde old. As the owner of an IT company, the man had notified cantonal police, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies, including the FBI. They lived in quiet family neighborhoods on the outskirts of the community.

Last year, there were 16 murders in the canton of Zurich, two of which resulted in several murders with a total of five victims. Most murders still take place in the home. In how many cases were children victims, in Crime statistics from the cantonal police not recorded.

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