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Mund Krebs? What changes in your mouth should you go to the doctor?

Healthy Mouth Flora, Healthy Körper? Changing oral mucosa is most harmless – can also have serious consequences.

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Changes in the oral mucosa are often harmless – it can also be serious illnesses as well as those that can cause cancer Please note.

Who has frequent apes or herpes, although must exhibit unpleasant symptoms such as burning and tension, however, these skin changes are considered harmless. However, there are changes in the oral mucosa, which point to serious diseases such as oral cancer.

Observing oral mucosa: If the path to the physician should be

this is rare, but should be taken very seriously. The Clinic for Oral, Oral and Facial Surgery of the Unique Clinic Warns: Behavioral changes in the surface condition of the oral mucosa may also cause a cancer stage . Especially on the color of the oral mucosa should be considered: staining them can be an indication that a tumor is developing.

Not just a changed color, but also random tissue should be investigated by a specialist. As a suspected tumor, and also long-term inflammation, which is associated with cells in the oral mucosa .

How to lower your oral cancer risk

Tumors were detected in the oral and jaw area. Here it is advisable to observe the oral space and to look for changes in the general practitioner, which, if appropriate, refer to a specialist. Also the dentist is asked: Cancer recognition in the oral cavity must undergo the routine routine examination which the Uniklinik Aachen reports. :

  • Smoking cessation: Smoking promotes the development of oral cancer
  • End alcohol consumption
  • on proper oral hygiene considerations

If risk factors also apply :

  • can cause viral infection

    • Tooth edges
    • chronic inflammation

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    1; the solution stuck into our cells all the time

    Inquiry into the topic

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