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Milonair with a strong message to Bushido and Animus!

Last night, Bushido surprised all of Rap Germany when he unexpectedly announced a partner for his upcoming album "CCN4": it is Heidelberg rapper Animus, with whom he had beef at the time, but now apparently a good friend of Berliner has developed . Animus even says at the end of the part: "And enemies become brothers"

It was obvious that the part of Animus and the announcement that the 31-year-old will be represented on the album caused quite a stir in the scene would take care if. Just minutes after the release of the single, Meer made plenty of changes to the decision to get Animus on CCN4. He also described Disses on "Ronin" as so weak that he completely interrupted his accident against Bushido.

So far unspectacular were the reactions from the stage. Most of them were completely out of business and did not rate the song negatively or positively. A comment from a Hamburg rapper that you wouldn't necessarily expect in form. Azzlack Signing Milonair has spoken out of nowhere and sent a clear message to Bushido.

Milonair, who has earned his money from criminal activities before his rap career, is upset that Bushido and Animus used the term "gangster" and "gangster rap" for their music. In this regard, he also makes fun of some statements in the track and asks how the two can be serious:

"You have no dignity. You have no dignity, no honor, nothing. Gangsterrap ̵

1; what is Gangsterrap? Gangsters are the nasty ones guys on the street. Something you confused there haha, how do I know my diggi? It's already slow … oh guys. (..) Business, financially I feel, I'm a businessman. Decency, honor, meet moderately? me! "

The name of Bushido does not fall, but he confirmed in a story a few hours later that he means the security partners Bushido and Animus, but can not pronounce their names because of a threatening advertisement. There was also a written message to his fans during the night.

Here is the announcement

Milonair gets upset over Animus and Bushido

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