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Mercedes-Four cylinder (M 139): AMG A 45 / CLA 45

by Thomas Geiger

With the new Mercedes four cylinder (M 139), Affalterbach is building the latest strongest Series engine later Art. The basic model with 387 PS and the S-version with 421 PS will be compatible with AMG A 45 and CLA 45 for survival!

Mercedes has, in comparison to Audi and BMW cousins, not only the wider range in the compact class, even exploring that amplifier engine. With the new Mercedes four-cylinder (M 139), which comes into play in AMG A 45 and CLA 45, those swabs are going to compete the noble competition all the time. With the 306 PS strong 35er model, the Affalterbacher is a very early rider, quickly rolled out the entire family and, as of late, drove Neuzugang to the CLA Shooting Break. Although there is still about 250 km / h, the Sprint works very well for 4.9 seconds. At this moment, AMG puts a hand on the 45-engine, which in the fall of 2019 signals in the A-class signals stand and then quickly who was rolled out over several models. Also, the new Mercedes-Four cylinder has two Liter Hubraum, which is completely new. Controlled as "M 139", it is only long since the V8 models have been designed to provide two twin slots: as a basic model with 387 or S version with 421 PS. The mind is more like the Vorgenger and good for a new superlative. The M 139 has no Literary support yet, but one of the super sports cars, as well as the current strongest four cylinder, is one of a series model. More to Theme: CLA 45 in Configurator


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              <span class= Mercedes -AMG CLA 35 Shooting Brake (2019): Engine

Shooting Brake as 35er-AMG

Mercedes-AMG A 45 in Teaser-Video:

Mercedes: AMG A 45 & CLA 45 with neuem Vierzylinder (M 139)

Next to this, AMG has shifted the Mercedes four-cylinder (M 139) for the AMG A 45 and the AMG CLA 45 to the right-hand drive shafts and the three-way camshafts. or 500 Newton meters and the engine will be replaced by 7200 rpm brakes, so if you have M 139 in one car, the A-class would have to reach 100 rpm within four seconds, for those of you without their power at 250 shots, they have 45hrs more freedom and durability up to 270, well-groomed 280 km / h With the new engine also a production conversion has been added. If the sophisticated Vierzylinder still sucks a Mercedes work in a Kölleda, AMG relentlessly propels the new cargo into a dealership and is one of the principles of being one of the most exclusive models: One Man, one Engine. Each engine is left with a single bit of bitterness mounted in a handicraft, and as the last hand grip there is a device that supports delivery with a plaque on the same name. This Ehrenabze sign can get customers to much trouble: Under 50,000 Euro of all A 45 with the M-139 four cylinder hardly said. Mehr zum Thema: Der AMG für Einsteiger


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              <span class= Mercedes-AMG A 45 (2019) : New Photos (Update!)

Losing A 45 Against Tarnung


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