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Men at Eisklettern in Platta GR of Lawine

If you are safe on the slopes?
It is rare that Lawines are rolling over slopes. Skiing welds with controlled explosions Lawinine gar nicht have become genuinely gentle. However, there is a residual risk: In 2011, a lawin bursts into a Buben (6) on a piste in Saas-Fee.

Whoever thinks about Lawinengefahr droht?
There best way is fresh lawen. You can say Risse in the snow ("Fischmäuler") or Risse, which can be seen by the Schneedecke, if you want to leave. Affordable minds sure, those snowshoes will connect nonsense gut and locker in the end.

Was prudent in law-making?
Rain and heat can destabilize that snowflake. Wind can take pictures of snow. Essentially true: Lawines are lighter and steeper Hängen ab. Your more weight on the hang, more pressure on that cutter and critical flashlights.

If so, all of you have it?
Inquiry: Need to give caves or freebie, if you lie down in a few meters ?

Brauche i een lawinenpiepser?
For those who are waiting in Thiefschnee hand, that answer sounds: Yes! This is what Sender vom System «Recco», who has a lot of skijacken or hosen eingenäht mind. Even better is a device, the transmitter and even the most worn out places. Such tools, scams and probes are basic support for any ski traveler.

Who can inform me
Apps that use White Risk or the Web site of the Law Firm SLF. From there, current law reports and free information are available. If the Lawin specials on Blick.ch, they were supposed to be mice. (GRV)

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