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Medical insurance refused treatments for AIDS patients († 50)

At the end of last year, a 50-year-old man died of AIDS in Chur Hospital. Apparently, because the sickness insurance ÖKK did not make the man an important treatment. Due to outstanding premium payments, he was on the black list of the Canton of Graubünden, as "SonntagsZeitung" writes. In that case, health insurance companies have to pay for emergency situations only.

You asked twice for payment of a therapy

The case causes horror. Lisa Janisch, Chief of Aids Hilfe Grisons, is convinced: "This person's death is also related to his name being on the blacklist". So the man should have asked twice about the payment of the treatment. Once when he was HIV positive and another time when AIDS had already broken out. ÖKK is said to have refused to pay in both cases.

"We Can not Repay By Law"

Health Insurance does not want to comment on the article in "SonntagsZeitung" in the individual case ̵

1; for privacy. However, a spokesperson for ÖKK confirms that HIV-positive blacklisted patients are not allowed to pay the medicines. This is not a "clean decision" of ÖKK, but also by law. "We can not pay by law if anyone is on the blacklist of the canton," says spokesman. This is only possible in an emergency.

About 33,000 people on the black list

HIV medications cost about 2,000 francs per month. More and more people can no longer pay their health insurance premiums. By 2016, payments for the cantons from loss certificates amounted to 305 million Swiss francs. Due to wrong payers, eight cantons and black pigs introduced black lists. Today, more than 33,000 people are on it. (fr / SDA)

Published on 29.04.2018 | Updated 08:15

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